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Buying a NEW CAR?? Top 10 things you should know before buying......

1. Work at your finances and find out what you need to spend every month on transportation. A car shouldn’t be more than 10% of your net pay per month. If it’s more, then consider leasing a car rather than buying one.

2. Before you settle anything, determine what the target price is. Four figure deductions are available with virtually every make.

3. Never sign an arbitration clause or dummy financial forms. Try and get finance from a different source, a bank or financial institution.

4. Haggling should get you a good deal aside from browsing around for finance. The market is highly competitive and be sure to check dealer finance, internet lenders, as well as other options.

5. Try and secure a big down payment to reduce the loan to be paid. Calculate your finances and choice of car such that the term of loan is for the short period.

6. Check what buying bonuses are on offer. These diverge from sound system to cash back offers, and 0% financing. Inquire what extras and add ons will be in addition to the price of the car.

7. Make sure to appraise your old car independently if you are looking for a trade in. Look closely to the ‘cost to change’, the difference in value between what the new car costs and what the old one is worth.

8. Learn about warranties, taxes, and insurance. These can consume your budget.

9. Examine the contract well. Understand the fine print. Be sure that paying off the loan ahead of time won’t have any penalty.

10. Check into at least 3-4 dealers to approximate what the best offer is.
Test drive the car prior to finalizing the deal and work through the car booklet page by page to understand everything that the manufacturer needs to tell you. Clarify what is under warranty and what is not.
Never choose a car based on a picture or dream. It is not how you appear in the car that’s important but how well the car will live up to your needs. Be practical and wise; don’t buy a model because the dealership is offering up a holiday for two or a low interest scheme. Distinguish a vehicle that suits your needs before putting yourself to a barrage of marketing.

Or you could check these lil cars out, *giggles* 8)


Another Weird News post (Requested ☺) Giant Desert Hand.......

Giant Hand In The Desert

Deep in the the Atacama desert in Chile emerges a giant sculpture of a hand. A popular photo spot for tourist visiting the Atacama. The hand was constructed at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. The work has a base of iron and cement, and stands 11 meters tall. The sculpture was inaugurated on March 28, 1992. The sculpture is located about 70 kilometers to the south of Antofagasta, Chile. The artist behind Mano de DesiertoThe Hand of the Desert is the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal

 Hand in the Atacama desert, by Mario Irarrázabal
Hand in the Atacama desert, by Mario Irarrázabal
Mano del Desierto is located 75 kilometers to the south of Antofagasta, take Route 28, to Route 5. The sculpture is located 300 meters from the side of northbound Route 5 which is part of the Panamerican Highway.75 kilometers to the south of Antofagasta,
Mario Irarrázabal has also produced several other bizarre pieces In Madrid, Venice and Uruguay.
Monumento al Ahogado, constucted in 1982, a sculpture of five fingers partially submerged in sand, located on Parada 4 at Brava Beach, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
"La Mano" by Mario Irarrazabal in Punta del Este (Uruguay)
The Inspiration behind Monumento al Ahogado, was to make a sculpture of a hand “drowning” as a warning to swimmers, as the waters at La Barra up the beach had rougher waves which were better for surfing only, while the other way, waters at Solanas were much more suited for swimming practice and windsurfing activities.

Source, Wiki

Windser N.S. Pumpkin Regatta...Uh,what,WHAT?!?(Some Weird News for ya)☻

Every October in Town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Lake Pesaquid becomes a spectacle with giant decorated pumpkins sailing across its waters. Along with other Pumpkin related contests the Pumpkin Regatta has become a huge hit in the community. Individuals go to great lengths to carve and decorate their vessels.
Pumpkin Regatta Town of Windsor Nova Scotia
Pumpkin Regatta Town of Windsor Nova Scotia

“In the first year of the event, 1999, The Pumpkin Regatta, with an operating budget of $50.00, attracted about 2,000 skeptical spectators who turned out to watch five brave – and no doubt equally skeptical – participants attempt to manoeuvre their hollowed-out giant pumpkins across Lake Pesaquid.
So novel was the idea of racing giant pumpkins that local merchants and local media were quick to get on-side. The 1st Annual Pumpkin Regatta attracted national attention, and Windsor – “The Little Town of Big Firsts” – could now claim another first – Giant Pumpkin Racing!”
The Big Pumpkin Regatta
The Big Pumpkin Regatta
This years race took place on October 12th.

More information on the Big Pumpkin Regatta can be found at The official Town of Windsor Big Pumpkin Website

Good Day all .......♥

Good day all! Today just feels like it will be a great day!! It was a bit nippy out but, not as cold as it was the past couple mornings! But, it really is nice driving down 495 seeing the sun-rise every morning! I absolutely love making work deliveries down that way! ♥ It always puts me in such a wonderful mood & my work out after that drive I am always so full of energy! Not to mention IF you are going to work out the BEST time to work out is in the early AM hours because it will boost your metabolism and energy for the day! I don't work out to get big muscles or to get myself really tone/skinny, I primarily work out for health reasons only it builds strong bones/heart & lungs & is also very good for your brain! 

So today I have a ton to do as usual, w/work. But, that is okay I have some good money coming in within the next couple days and Christmas is just around the corner I am stoked! I cant wait to go out and spend at least a grand on each kid! Not just on toys either, would like to do a whole new wardrobe/shoes/sock as well, don't worry I always wrap them in a big box, lol and warn before hand it's the "CLOTHES" box, LOL! Jake LOVESSSSSS getting new clothes as presents though! He always gets so excited and is like "Oh-MY thank you sooo much, IT's BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT, Mommy can I wear it now PLEASSSSE" LMAO! *Adorablezz* It truly is, he is just such a well behaved polite child, it astounds others and his older brother "13" & he thinks it's "Lame" of course. *Lol* 

Well, anywho that's about it fro now! O' I remember I placed another poll on the right side of my blog, this one is much more detailed rather then, "do you just like me blog?!? It is asking on what type of content you would like to read more on my blog, and I truly do want to know your answers and value your opinion to the highest. I will pick the the highest percentage topic and blog maybe 8-11 post a week on that topic then go down to the next and blog 5-6 that week & so on till I am out of topics, lol! x)~ But really to make this blog successful I have too & would like too make my readers happy, so please take the poll on the right hand side, ( Yes, you can play & feed all the fish.turtle, & hamster, lolol! They have many more, Penguins and tons of other really cute gadgets/widget, so if you'd like to grab your own for your site/blog just click on the right click on mine and an address will pop up, it's very simple to remember because you can not click on it and just go :( , you have to copy and paste it into your browser to go but please trust me it is so worth it! Well that's about it! :) 

Downtown Philadelphia at sunrise, 
as seen from Camden, New Jersey,
from across the Delaware River.
I hope everyone has a good morning/afternoon/evening! ♥ & PLEASE say hello, would love to hear from you ALL below!!! 

Bring on the Holidays♥...........

Making Pizzelles!! (Which I LOVE♥)

A TON of Pizzelles!!
Delicious Biscotti  W/Coffee♥

Sugar Cookies♥

MAKING Holiday COOKIE, mmmmmm they're delish♥! What kind do you make during your Holiday get together w/your loved ones or friends? These are just some of what I made this pass week! ♥ I love to cook/bake/fry/grill anything! So share your Holiday cookie choices below, would love to hear.........♥! & Thanks for reading! 

UPDATE: Yikes, I originally posted my cookie pictures from my Twit pic and OBVIOUSLY! :( TwitPIC won't allow me to add my images from there to here! I thought THAT was what it was for? Guess not.. so I will just UPLOAD them right to the blog, x)~ SO HA! LOL! Bet GOOGLE got hungry, *Giggles*, j/king of course.☻..Pictures are back up now, enjoy. ♥ OATMEAL cookies are next (again, I adore them..♥)!!
LMFAO! How could you NOT just adore Cookie Monster♥!

Let it be Christmas........

Lmfao!!!!!!! This is just cute, & I was playin around! :))
Jim wants me to use one of the pics w/my glasses on,we'll see.
Anywho I hope everyone is able to have a beautiful
Christmas/HOLIDAY this year,even if you don't celebrate Xmas
which ever you may celebrate I hope it's a blessed one & with the ones you love!

Well thanks for coming to my blog & please don't be a stranger, follow♥ & comment! I'd LOVE to hear from each and everyone of you!! Thanks again for your visit! ☺

World's Largest Skateboard Ramp!!!

The roll-in is 180 feet
The roll-in is 180 feet
For Bob Burnquist and the 75 foot high ramp he built to be the largest skateboard ramp in the world, the sky is the limit. Bob built this mega ramp on his property just East of Oceanside, CA.
“…Speeding down a 180-foot-long roll-in to a ramp that launches them across a 70-foot gap with trapeze netting below. Landing on a 27-foot sloped section, they then boost up to 50 feet above the ground from a 30-foot quarterpipe. A shorter route begins with a 55-foot-tall platform leading to a 50-foot gap, and the 30-foot quarterpipe.”
“That mind-set helps on the Mega Ramp, where skaters reach speeds of up to 55 miles an hour and soar like stuntmen.”

MY SON would LOVE this & his father, they both LOVE to skateboard which was the main reason for me posting this blog. Pretty cool, eh! ☻ Hope you all enjoyed and hope you all check out my polls on the right!! & again THANKS sooo much for visiting!

An AMAZING Underwater Sculptures by: Jason de Caires Taylor♥

Underwater Sculpture Park

The Underwater Sculpture Park is the work of sculptor Jason Taylor from England, who has a passion for creating fantastic and unique pieces of work depicting Grenada’s colourful history and folklore and placing them underwater. All of the sculptures are in beautiful clear shallow water easily accessible by divers and snorkelers. The sculptures end up creating artificial reefs, and enhancing the marine environment.
The response from visitors diving the site has been reported as nothing short of amazement and fascination on the whole concept.
“the artist’s interventions promote hope and recovery, and underline our need to understand and protect the natural world.”

(La jah-bless) from the French, she-devil. Based on Caribbean folklore, the Devil Woman roams at night. Her face resembles that of a corpse, hidden under a beautiful wide-brimmed hat.

The Lost Correspondent
The desk is laminated with original newspaper articles dating back to the 1970’s.

Moilinere bay is now home to sixty-five sculptures,
covering an area of 800sq metres. It is located two
miles north of the capital St Georges on the west
coast of the island, within an area designated
a National Marine Park.

When staying in Grenada, The Underwater Gallery
would highly recommend Blue Bay lodge.
Located on the West coast, near the small fishing town of Gouyave.
For sculpture and print sales contact:
For more info visit source!!
You really do want to click
the source page it's great work!

Hello everyone, I wanted to write something about my NEW little Gadgets if you look on the right side of my page you will now find 5 little Turtles swimming around/Crawlin on green ground or an Underground FISH scene w/fish swimming around, well if you right click the fish it gives you the link to make your own, but to make it easier I will do that now and just post the link right here~~~> to get more Gadgets just look above at the tabs and CLICK Gadgets or click here ~~> *Lol* . The FUN thing I noticed about just the fish not the turtles yet, I will go back and check is you can upload your OWN image to load as the background instead of choosing a basic color and while searching cool Underwater photos I found a very interesting picture w/faces grabbed the link put it under where you place the link for the background of the fish and VIOLA it loaded and beautifully too! Then I continued to search and realized I was looking at an UNDERGROUND Sculpture Park and here is what I learned from searching around and about and the SOURCE Is at the VERY BOTTOM please make sure you click on that page too, it's AMAZING!! & HAS SOOO MANY BETTER and more images /slides/ and it's just amazing, plus I always like to give credit to where credit is due and would like you to see the SOURCE PAGE on where I found these images, :))! Thanks for reading! More about the park is below, I truly hope you all enjoy looking at these beautiful images as much as I did♥! Thanks again & Thanks for reading!   ♥ *☻

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