Monday, December 6, 2010

Come check out my Live Feed♥!!! ☺

Yay, I don't know why it didn't dawn on me before the 600 visitors, DOH! BUT, I finally put a LIVE FEED on my Blog here! So come visit and it will log your location, if you click on it, it will take you to it's main page where you can join and create a Live Feed for one of your blogs as well! :)) I love having them up, my Myspace has had one for years and I wanted them to be separate but I have places from ALL over the world stop on my PAGE and it's just totally awesome! :)) I am gonna make myself a banner for this page then hang it on my Myspace wall probably some where between the FB Button or Twitter bird, I'm thinking but I definitely need to start to enter this blog into allot more search engines and communities as well as my friends Lori's! :) Of course I will be hooking her up too if I can! But for the ones who are reading thank you, would love for you to follow and for the ones who ARE FOLLOWING THANKKKKKK YOUUUU SOOO MUCH!! You people ROCK!!!! & I love you♥! *Giggle* Take care, and enjoy being Live feeded, LOL! x)~

What did you eat for breakfast today?

A blueberry muffin (I made-small,not too big) & a small bowl of Oatmeal topped w/Blueberries,brown sugar and creme(stirred the brown sugar in of course.) It was Delish♥! What did YOU have?!? *Giggles* x)~

Ask me anything BUT if its ignorant fuck off

One of my google ads. *lol*

One of my google ads, is actually pretty good it's the one that says CAMBIO goes Home w/DEE SNIDER ? AHAHA- not trying make anyone click it or anything but it was, #JustSaying, LOL!

HAHAHA- So WHO all is reading??? And what is going on w/you all ! ♥ Comment below....I would love to hear! :)) And thanks for coming really, I appreciate each and everyone of my 600 something views, *Smiles* ! Have a great day and please comment below, ♥...........

Please help us fight human trafficking of all kinds.....
Sign the Petition
Dear Readers of my blog this is a very heart wrenching subject for me to discuss but if you could all take a moment out of your day to read and sign this I would greatly appreciate it.
The numbers around child slavery and exploitation are simply staggering, and there aren't enough people fighting back.
More than 150 million children younger than 14 years-old are child laborers -- one in six children in the world. Those children do hazardous work in mines or on farms, often handling chemicals and pesticides or working near dangerous machinery. Others toil as domestic servants in homes or workshops.
Another 300,000 children under 18 are child soldiers used as combatants, messengers, porters, cooks, or sexual servants in some 30 conflicts worldwide. They are most often forcibly recruited or abducted, or feel so helpless and overwhelmed by poverty they are driven to join the fight.
Girls are particularly vulnerable. Some as young as 13 are trafficked as "mail-order brides." Nearly 90% of domestic workers trafficked in West and Central Africa are girls.
It's an epidemic that isn't getting enough attention from governments worldwide -- and members can help change that.
Once you add your name, will you forward this email to friends and family? We can fight this, but only if people know how bad the situation really is.

Thank you for helping and taking action!

P.S. You can learn a lot more about what members are doing to fight human trafficking of all kinds at

I need a huge favor from any readers or followers......

My ads are STILL not working, can you please CLICK ALL MY GOOGLE ads then leave a comment here, then I will go check my AdSense account and see if theyre registering yet, PLEASE!!! It would be such a BIG HELP!!! & I really need to get them working! Ive been working on this blog ALL WEEK, 24-7! Ive even fallen asleep at the computer editing and trying to fix my ADs! :( Now I NEED the viewers/readers/followers help to make sure it's going through! So PLEASE IT BE SUCH A BIG HELP & THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to those who help me! *Sighs*

ALSO if you look on the right side, I MADE A POLL!!! Please , please, pleasssse  vote on whether you are enjoying my blog or not. Thanks again♥! & Blessed Be!

Bridalplasty Sneak Peek

I would like to take a moment and discuss this NEW show they have on E! I am sorry but I think it is absolutely disgusting! The show promotes INSECURITY and teaches girls (In my opinion) that it's NOT okay to NOT be the perfect polished plastic looking barbie and if you are a regular normal girl the only way you can MAKE your dream wedding come true and please your "Groom" is too get a TON of plastic surgery and then emerge on that day as a completely different looking person! That is only some of the major issues that I have with this show but let's get into the AFTER surgery and AFTER the show is all said and done. Who is to say their fiancee's LIKE their new looks? What if they hate it? What if after ALL these changes you look at yourself in the mirror and don't even recognize the person staring back at you (not to mention how your man will feel) but you then realize every feature you were every born with, everything that MADE you an individual and special within your own self you just BUTCHERED by completing the plastic surgery. Or how about we get into the AGES of these women on this show! They are ALL VERY YOUNG! Who is to say that when they AGE?!?! which they will (we all do! lol) who is to say the surgeries they choose to have as a young woman is going to set properly when your face changes, because never do your ears stop growing as well as your nose and etc. it is ALWAYS changing as you get older (NOT significantly but enough to off set surgery in a big way and make it so you WILL need a touch up or complete new surgery later on in life, which is obvious with the stars because that is when you see them start to change into the waxy looking mannequin cat ladies!

So I guess what all I am trying to say is ALL that this show promotes with ALL the eating disorders girls already have and I thought we JUST got over that "STICK figure" appearance being the perfect girl because SOME of the girls on this show are just THAT but still wanting desperately to get surgery to be more perfect. It's DISGUSTING! I feel E should cancel this show! What do you all think of this new show out? Do you feel it should be canceled, I KNOW I left a ton of my rant out I just didn't want to sound as if I am rambling but I would seriously love to hear your (the readers) thoughts on this. So please leave your thoughts below, & thank you. ♥

& please ALWAYS remember.......
"Everyone has a hero inside just waiting for the right time to shine. "

"Never be someones slogan, because you are poetry"

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#ShoutOut to a GREAT BLOG!

Tila's RotSpot!!
Click the image to check out the blog!!! It will for sure have you chuckling for hours, I know it gets me, everytime! Lmao! Enjoy! ((;

Dec. 6th 2006.....Dear Bobby♥

December 6th, 2006 was the day my son Bobby was born and then later passed away! As well as did I almost pass away as well. Here is a short note for my little angel :

 Dear Bobby,
Everyday you are thought of and everyday you're missed!! Obviously god had another calling for you but I know in my heart that we will be together again! :( I love you Bobby, WE love you! Your brother Jacob talks about you everyday, he also sleeps w/your teddy bear every night! I see you in Jacob as well as in your father and know that's a reminder that you're here watching over us! I KNOW in my heart we will meet again.

♥ We all miss you and hope you have a wonderful BIRTHDAY wherever you may be. ♥ Rest easy sweet one.


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