Thursday, June 9, 2011

eHarmony Video Bio- Girl IS FAKE & I have the proof! Lmbo!

Okay so here at Ryan's post, Would you Date her?!?
He REALLY claims that THIS video IS real & the
Chick in it is ALSO REAL....WELL I beg to differ & 
I will show you why here...

I took a stroll to YouTube just to see the Comments of the Above said E-Harmony Real chick video AND to my shock just directly ON the right was ANOTHER video with an AMAZING familiar looking girl claiming to be Siamese Twins named Cara and Kara, HA- right WELL the girl in this video I am talking about is NO DOUBT DEBBIE! Not only I FEEL this from after watching and listening to the video.......BUT many other commentators under the said video are saying the SAME thing, I AM!!!! So here is the video & you can DECIDE yourself!
˚͜˚ Here is the video.....

Ha-Ha, What I TELL ya, SHE IS FAKE! No doubt!!!!!!! Lololol! xD

Leave your comments below telling me whether you think she is FAKE or not (or on my FB don't matter)!

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