Monday, February 14, 2011

Father and Son launch an I-Phone into Space........Watch!!!

Father and Son team launch an iphone into space. The iphone along with a HD camera were lifted up to an altitude of 100 000ft above New York using a helium filled balloon. At this atitude the weather balloon burst and sent the iphone, camera and burst container hurtling towards the earth at 150mph even with the parachute open! Thanks to the iPhones internal GPS, the capsule and its contents were located intact in a tree 30 miles north of the liftoff site!

Which SuperBowl commercial was your favorite!?!?!! Watch them all here, and decide......♥

Which SuperBowl commercial was your favorite!?!?!! play and then just let them play through and they will play all, enjoy! *Smiles*

Now this is really a WTF kinda Post! Check this woman out, do you think she ever can close her mouth? Brings a whole new meaning to the "O" face, LMAO......Click here and you'll see why....



& Wait for it..........


Pee Wee's Big Adventure - Large Marge Fun

This is DEFINITELY a WTF kinda post, lmfao!!!!!!! Enjoy!!! ☺

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