Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Who You Are!

Important of Loving Yourself
“You talk to yourself all day.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
Therefore, repeat positive thoughts towards whatever you are feeling.  Some examples include:
  1. I am a strong person.
  2. I look great.
  3. I am successful at accomplishing my goals. 
  4. I value my good health.

    When thinking and talking to yourself, it is important to have positive thoughts and constantly motivate yourself.  While the body is built for health, the mind is very powerful.  Therefore, if you tell yourself you are strong and beautiful, you will feel better as a person. When you have love for yourself and have self-acceptance, you grow with joy.

    “Actively love yourself.”

        Understand that mistakes happen.  Build experience from them rather than slapping yourself in the face.  Practice forgiving yourself and constantly use forgiveness in self talk.  You can’t always stop negative things from happening in life, but you can control your response to them.
    There are many keys to self acceptance:
    • Think of unique things that set you apart from other people and draw good things from them. 
    • Pick a person that you look up to and find reasons why you look up to them. 
    • Take responsibility of your actions. 
    • Achieve self control and practice saying “no” in certain situations.  
    • Do something nice for another person. 
    • Whenever you do or say anything that causes another person to like himself more, you find yourself liking yourself more as well.

    Would love to hear your comments!

    What are ways you try to stay positive on bad days?

    A "How to" on using Keyboard Shortcuts on the New #Twitter ☻,

    The new Twitter revamp is nice, but what are the new keyboard shortcuts. Well Twitter updated their shortcuts for more navigation features—again, very much like Gmail/Google Reader's navigation shortcuts (e.g., g for go, then the first letter of the place you want to go).Well this blog will explain them as well as link you to another page & video where you can find even more help for you internet woes & questions, so back to the New Keyboard Stokes for the New Twitter and here's how they work.
    Here is my screen shot of the keyboard strokes taken from My Twitter & Edited by me! If taken GIVE Credit. Thanks.
    • j/k to move between the next and previous tweets
    • Enter to drill down into or close a selected tweet
    • space to page down
    • Shift+space to page up
    • / to jump to the search box
    • . to refresh and jump back to the top
    Navigating Timelines
    • g then h to go home
    • g then r to go to your replies/mentions
    • g then p to go to your profile
    • g then f to go to your favorites
    • g then m to go to your direct messages
    • g then u then search to view any user's timeline
    Actions for Individual Tweets
    • f to favorite a tweet
    • r to reply to a tweet
    • t to retweet
    • m to send a direct message
    • n to compose a new tweet
    • Escape to cancel a compose window, dismiss the help window

    And that's all you should need to know about all the NEW Keyboard strokes on Twitter. There may be a few hidden gems that I haven't found yet, but when I do I will just head here and "UPDATE" the posting & add them for you all! 

    Those Subscribed will have an announcement on their dashboards letting them KNOW of the update so if you follow me no need to be psychic or anything, Lol! But if you do not and you found this useful well then I suggest you do follow me as I have already blogged quite a few Internet tricks or other "How To's" & plan on adding more in the near future. Then hopefully I won't have to explain to each friend anymore or run around and gather links of how to do this and that, I will just link them to the post pertaining best to their question & if I don't have a blog for it, then I will post about it! 

    If I left ANY out or you know any that I do not or if you find a handy one, be sure to share it in the comments. Thanks for visiting and Enjoy the neat lil' walk thru video I found on this subject, & again Thanks♥!

    Video from LifeHacker!
    especially if you need someone to walk you thru it manually, enjoy! ☻

    Hope you all found this useful, Good Luck & Happy Tweeting!!!
    O' BTW for my Twitter follow me at @SammiDeHart 
    (that is my 1 & only Twitter -in time 2 of my businesses 
    will soon have a name but as for now, NO I have no other 
    profiles BUT this one. Thanks again &
    Happy Tweeting♥!

    Funniest and Weirdest and some of the MOST BIZARRE Fail Photo's I've collected from the internet!



    BREAKING NEWS 7-1 HITS JAPAN! TSUNAMI WARNING ISSUED!!! UPDATE: Now w/Links & descriptions to take you to websites to monitor seismic activity yourself! Check them out below & Good Luck♥!

    O' NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    UPDATE: I have also went around and compiled a list of all sites to watch Seismic activity! Good Luck, LOVE you all! And be safe, Godspeed♥!

    IRIS Seismic Monitor Live just click here:
    Recent earthquakes or seismic events, are displayed on an interactive earthquake map server GMT educational WILBER seismicity observation map of earthquakes stations fdsn magnitude links google seismic surfing plate tectonics education and outreach IRIS DMS DMC e&o barnes taber welti ahern: Click Link/Picture for more information and to watch live.

    World Quake Map
    See the globe at a glance. This convenient map from the National Earthquake Information Center shows only major events. If it's slow, try the other world maps listed below.
    United States Earthquakes
    Instant access to all 50 states and Puerto Rico, from the U.S. Geological Survey. Click anywhere for a closeup map of that area.
    Earthquake Notification Service
    Teh U.S. Geological Survey will send you e-mail whenever a significant earthquake occurs.
    Alaska Earthquakes
    The Alaska Earthquake Information Center server may be less busy than the USGS site.
    California-Nevada Earthquakes
    This USGS site shows events in both states within 5 minutes of significant quakes. If it's slow try the mirror sites in Pasadena or the SCEC.
    California: Real-Time Aftershock Forecast for the Next 24 Hours
    This US Geological Survey map should be very handy immediately after a major California earthquake.
    Canada Earthquakes
    This map from the Geological Survey Canada is updated every hour.
    Central United States Earthquakes
    Events from the Great Plains to Florida and the Eastern Seaboard, from the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI) in Memphis. Try it if the USGS server is slow.
    Los Angeles Earthquakes
    Updated 5 minutes after significant quakes, this map lets you zoom in on any event. Mirrored at the SCEC.
    Live Internet Seismic Server
    Live seismograms from 34 stations around the world are the closest you can get to the shaking.
    Northern California Current Seismograms
    Fresh every 15 minutes from the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network of northern California.
    Report an Earthquake
    The U.S. Geological Survey collects your reports of how a quake felt at your location—just enter it at this site!
    San Francisco Earthquakes
    San Francisco area events are shown here 5 minutes later, also mirrored in Southern California and Yahoo!.
    World Earthquakes Plus Live Seismograms
    A world map updated every ten minutes, plus live telemetry from seismographs around the globe. Hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey office in Albuquerque, it may be a better choice if other sites are slow.
    World Seismic Monitor (IRIS)
    A live world map showing recent events with easy access to seismic station records. Includes a handy link to Google News. This IRIS site is perfect for the hard-core user.

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