Saturday, February 26, 2011

A letter to my Mom*Mom (Grandmother) ♥....

Dearest Grandma,

I am laying here writing this letter to you,

Because I have nothing else to do.
I think about you dearly,
It is seen very clearly
You meant so much to me.
Teaching me to be everything I can be.
I treasure every moment we have had
And I am so glad
For all the things that I have learned from you
Teaching me always to be true
Teaching me wrong from right
Helping me to shine bright
Teaching me how to cook
Telling me to read a book
Teaching me to be strong
And not worry when things go wrong
With all the problems, you helped me get through
I am who I am because of you
I am going to miss you each and every day
But the memories I have had with you will stay
I am going to miss not talking to you on the phone
And having you listen to me moan
I am going to miss our long talks
And the times we went for walks
I am going to miss not holding you in my arms
And all of your charms
But I know you will be here
Each and every year
Until the time we will meet again
And be together till the end

I love you Mom-mom,
My grandma, my pal, my friend, my HERO!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a quick update in case anyone is wondering why I haven't been blogging lately, my Grandmother passed away this morning. Bless her soul, she was an AMAZING woman!!! Did everything RIGHT in life!!!!!! Is finally home w/her husband where she sooo wanted to be. </3 she'll be missed dearly. ::(

Monday, February 14, 2011

Father and Son launch an I-Phone into Space........Watch!!!

Father and Son team launch an iphone into space. The iphone along with a HD camera were lifted up to an altitude of 100 000ft above New York using a helium filled balloon. At this atitude the weather balloon burst and sent the iphone, camera and burst container hurtling towards the earth at 150mph even with the parachute open! Thanks to the iPhones internal GPS, the capsule and its contents were located intact in a tree 30 miles north of the liftoff site!

Which SuperBowl commercial was your favorite!?!?!! Watch them all here, and decide......♥

Which SuperBowl commercial was your favorite!?!?!! play and then just let them play through and they will play all, enjoy! *Smiles*

Now this is really a WTF kinda Post! Check this woman out, do you think she ever can close her mouth? Brings a whole new meaning to the "O" face, LMAO......Click here and you'll see why....



& Wait for it..........


Pee Wee's Big Adventure - Large Marge Fun

This is DEFINITELY a WTF kinda post, lmfao!!!!!!! Enjoy!!! ☺

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pretty Woman WALK MY WAY, Hilarious video......

What is the 30 - day Facebook picture challenge ?

30-Day Facebook Challenge


It's an album you make on Facebook called "30 Days." Each day - for the duration of 30 days - you add a new picture to it with a new meaning...

 Here's the list of what to upload during the 30 days:
  1. A picture of yourself with 10 facts
  2. A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest
  3. A picture of the cast from your favorite show
  4. A picture of your favorite night
  5. A picture of your favorite memory
  6. A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day
  7. A picture of your most treasured item
  8. A picture that makes you laugh
  9. A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most
  10. A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things with
  11. A picture of something you hate
  12. A picture of something you love
  13. A picture of your favorite band or artist
  14. A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without
  15. A picture of something you want to do before you die
  16. A picture of someone who inspires you
  17. A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
  18. A picture of your biggest insecurity
  19. A picture and a letter
  20. A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel
  21. A picture of something you wish you could forget
  22. A picture of something you wish you were better at
  23. A picture of your favorite book
  24. A picture of something you wish you could change
  25. A picture of your favorite day
  26. A picture of something that means a lot to you
  27. A picture of yourself and a family member
  28. A picture of something you're afraid of
  29. A picture that can always make you smile
  30. A picture of someone you miss

Update: We have a new challenge going on ☺, it's called the 30 day Song Challenge! Click the link to find out more about that challenge of course only AFTER you have completed your 30 day picture challenge!! *Giggles* Enjoy.


    Weird Trees............You just HAVE to see.....♥

    You can NOT help but think of sexual things when you see these trees.....


    Long Live Egypt ♥.... تحيا مصر

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    If you can type........

    If you can type you can make movies!This is COOL, Ive always seen people do it but never did! Will now! -♥

    Between Two Ferns w/Zach Galifianakis: Tila Tequila-Episode 12:

    Zach sits down with Tila Tequila who may become his new best friend and also welcomes another guest on the show who some people may recognize!!

    I do not want to spoil it & state who it is but it's actually HILARIOUS! Certainly not Tila in any way! But the part where YOU just know Tila is sooo embarrassed! Because ya' know how she is such a classy lady now >*sarcasm*<. It's quite funny how quick she jumps back to her Tila Tequila so called "Character", ain't it *Lol! 

    BUT seriously back to just who the "FRIEND" is that appears in the clip is just too funny! ☻I won't KILL it and give it away, just watch below (if you haven't already! lol).....,

    Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Tila Tequila from Between Two Ferns

    Photo from 1 of my favortie hate Tila sites, although they've taken a break again!

    I happen to run into another BLOGGERS thoughts about this, hilariousness - if you didn't get the above video (or watch it yet -you should)  ~! And found his blog pretty cool as well......check out below what he had to say about the idiot that is Tina, Jane,MISS Tila, Tila Wynn, Tila Mother-FUCKIN-Tequila-What trash porn star. LOL!

    If you haven't seen Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis you are seriously missing out. Like everything Zach does, its 50% awkward, 50% genius, and 50% hilarious... but someone forgot (hopefully on purpose) to let Tila Tequila in on the joke. Ya see, Between Two Ferns is not an actual stage to promote anything. Its a stage to have fun, be yourself (or a Hollywood parody of yourself), and revel in the awkwardness and unprofessionalism.

    (ME-IF you HAVE NOT ALREADY PLEASE-himCheck out the video after the break to see the jokes whoosh over her head. Oh... also, Jennifer Aniston is in it too (she gets it, the joke that is)

    LOL, That was blogged by this guy  The End to ALL Interwebs!
    Which is prettty cool and if you want to check it out! :)  
    I did and enjoyed it which is why I shared. ♥ Enjoy☻!

    Plus it's ALWAYS good to give a good PLUG to a fellow Blogger♥! 
    Peace, all.

    Ask me anything BUT if its ignorant fudge off...

    "Cant Be Shamed"-Miley Cyrus Can't be Tamed Parody

    & this is just too funny, lmfao!

    Wanted to lighten the mood back up, HAHA! ☻

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Little Miss Miley Cyrus speaks about smoking salvia and more.....

    Photo from TMZ!
    Miley is a role model for many young girls who watch the Disney show that made her famous, Hannah Montana. Cyrus actually does realize the consequence of her actions, as she tells Marie Claire in the March issue (on stands Feb. 15).
    When prompted with the question of whether she feels misjudged (salvia is a legal high) compared to other teens, 
    (Click the People link to read this story as well as the Marie Claire link above has that article. ☻)Miley responded in response to People Magazine she stated the college students and others are doing MUCH MORE then just smoking Salvia..

    “But they’re not Miley Cyrus,”
    “They’re not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for.”
    Wow! This must be the most intelligent sentence that has come out of this little lady’s mouth in a long time. Maybe it has to do with the back lash? Maybe she has finally come to terms that people don't WANT this Miley, they want a GOOD CLEAN Miley! Maybe now that she’s a legal adult, she’s actually becoming an adult? Hopefully because once you past that age, it is NO LONGER just a slap on the hand and being sent to your room w/no internet connection or cell phone! Now it WILL be JAIL time if she KEEPS going down this PATH she is.

    Also it was quite apparent no one enjoyed the black squawking bird version of Miley, or the one attempting to remake/rewrite the SHOCK factor of the Brit/Christina & Madonna Kiss. Does she NOT realize ALL of them going down that ROOT?!? GOING w/THAT image they didn't last long! No one wants her to turn into that, people want a real idol for their kids! One that makes GOOD choices, who really is talented, who focuses and practices and cares for the SHOW her IMAGE and her fans but most of ALL HERSELF! And I find it VERY apparent that Miley does NOT in anyway feel highly of herself at all, but that's a whole other blog, really! And you just KNOW the magazines HAVE all her train wreck covers all ready to be published for when she falls. They do it with deaths too.

    But, seriously BACK to Miley smoking this Salvia stuff, whatever it is what do you think? You think it is just an innocent thing all kids do/try?(Of course I do not!) Also what do you think of this Sexy/ Dangerous/ EDGY & uh kinda Gangster now Image she is trying to put out?? I mean you go from lil Miss innocent Blondie Hannah Montana angel to this spastic-you're worried she's having a seizure giant black bird smoking out of bongs and forgetting her name?!?!? Just crazy.......& people idolize & dream to be like these stars, that's what makes me sad. So feel free to tell me what you think below, would LOVE to hear some comments, sure I'll get WAY more on my social sites when I share this, LOL but that is okay too!

    Here are some pictures below from Can't be tamed as well as the INSANE video!

    What Is Love?

    What Is Love?

     “When you look at love, you're looking into the face of appreciation.”

    Throughout the history of mankind, we as a world culture have made love out to be mysterious, complex, difficult, and undefinable. It’s the subject of endless poems and literary works. There is an enormous amount of material available out there about love, a lot of it contradictory.
    We’ve been given the impression that to define love is near to impossible. Maybe there’s a fear that if we define it, it would somehow be less powerful...less impactful...less exhilarating. Maybe we like the mystery of it. But is it really that complicated? Perhaps the complications surrounding love come from all “stuff” we add on to this powerful emotion. Lets drop all the baggage surrounding relationships and define what it is we are experiencing in the moment of love.

    Basic Components of Love

    What do you feel when you love someone? If distilled down to it’s core components, what would those be? Yes, love is an emotion, a feeling, a wanting, and a “being”. We know it feels good, but what specific feelings, wantings, and beings are present when we feel love? Here are the common denominators of love...
    Love is Accepting.
    Acceptance is labeling someone as "okay" and having no particular desire to change them. Who they are is perfectly fine with you. You pose no condition on whether you will love them or not. This is call unconditional love. When your love IS conditional, the moment they step outside your set of conditions, love evaporates.
    Love is Appreciating.
    Appreciation is one step beyond acceptance. Its when your focus is on what you like about another. We look at them and feel this sweeping appreciation for who they are, their joy, their insights, their humor, their companionship, etc. When someone says they are "in love" with another, they mean their appreciation is so enormous for this person that it consumes their every thought.
    Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.
    We want those we love to be happy, safe, healthy, and fulfilled. We want them to feel good in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    How Do We Express Love?

    We don’t always express our love. Love is a feeling and the expression of that feeling is separate. It’s an action. There’s a practical reason we don’t always express our love for another. It’s an issue of TIME. We only have 24 hours in a day (if you make it up that way). If the expression of love was a core ingredient to love, we would have to be stingy with who we loved, because there simply wouldn’t be enough time to demonstrate our love for everyone! If you see the distinction between the feeling and the expression, you can then love endless numbers of people.


    Love expressed is when you give your attention, your time, your focus to someone. Webster defines attention as “the giving of one’s mind to something." There are many ways in which we give our attention to another. We use our five senses. Our ears to listen. Being completely present with the one who is speaking. Our eyes, watching another, undivided attention. Tasting/smelling? (I’ll let you figure that one out). Touching, giving a hug, holding a hand, a caress, or sexual expression. How you express your love depends on the type of relationship.

    Self Awareness   |   Self Acceptance  |   Self Creation  |   Happiness  |  Love
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    Keenan Cahill Tribute (Requested by @SammiDeHart♥)

    ANNOUNCEMENT:   If Anyone Posts  any of mine, Keenan's,High Island Wrestling's  Videos To Their Channel We Will File Copyright Claims To Remove Them. We all Work Hard To Make Videos, So Please Don't Steal Them or any image you might see, if you use ask permission and ALWAYS give credit and link back, Thanks & more on Keenan  below...♥
    HAHA- This was made for me♥ for Keenan from me, lololol if that makes any sense!! I simply adore & love love loveeee him♥

    & if by chance you have been hiding under a rock and you DO NOT know who Keenan Cahill is then PLEASE check out his youtube channel! ☻ He is sooo cute, so inspiring to so many and very hilarious!

    If you'd like to find/add him on 
    YouTube click the links below♥!
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    David Graham
    & Mark Long. You may Email them any Offers you might have for Kennan! You can do that @

    Also please no fan emails. You may contact him  at any of his other sites!
    KEENAN'S ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE  is  ANY & All Others Are Fake! Also If you click the Beener Keeker image above it will take you directly to his twitter page, so enjoy♥! 

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