Friday, December 3, 2010

What's the secret to happiness?

No true secret to happiness, it comes in small doses, as in that GREAT cup of coffee you got earlier, or that Vegan burger that was just right...♥ Only when you fully understand that it's in all the lil' things in life and all around us, only then can one fine true "happiness"! ㋡

UPDATE: What do you feel the true meaning of happiness is? *To: The Reader. ☻ 

What was your favorite book as a child?

The Giving Tree - By Shel Silverstein♥ & I still own that book & The Light in the Attic, both have my name in crayon & his name in PEN considering I ran into him in Philly couple years back & was able to have him autograph them for me & bought some other books of course, lol! Funny this was asked because I was JUST reading these two books to my youngest Jacob. *Giggles* This is like the 5th Ironic thing that happened to me today/tonight♥

So what was your favorite reading book as a child?? *To: The Reader. ☻

Everyone remembers when Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian did the, Say Goodbye to Twitter for Charity right? Well here is just 1 of the photos from a shoot.....

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Say Goodbye to Twitter
Here is the main link to the charity #BuyLife ........

Here is an Article for those who have not heard of this.....

All I have to say about THIS is it is a GREAT cause BUT, did they seriously have to take it THAT far by taking that picture disgusting & being apart of Hollyweird she better be careful now, lol! I can just SMELL conspiracies all around this shot just brewing away! *Giggles* So really though what are your thoughts on this? Not the Charity of course ...*Smiles* Comment below & thanks for reading.

Do YOU know where Black Friday got it's name?? Weekly November 22 - November 30

by Sight Savers International

by National Breast Cancer Coalition

by Alliance for Climate Protection
THIS WEEK on CHANGE.ORG's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know where "Black Friday" got its name?
It refers both to retailers being "in the black" and the mass disruption, chaos, and in some years even deaths that have resulted from the buying stampede on the day after Thanksgiving.
Whether or not you sat this Black Friday out, we've got the cure for the holiday shopper disenchanted with the darker side of American materialism: gifts that advance social change.
Welcome to's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. Across the network, we're featuring great gift ideas that advance the causes you and those close to you are passionate about.
While the holidays can be a time of excessive consumption, they can equally be a time to use our resources to do a lot of good.
For a sampling of gift ideas for positive change, see the list below. For the full 2010 Holiday Gift Guide, click here.
For the Educator in EDUCATION
Give a gift card through, where teachers across the country can ask for classroom supplies and gadgets that they can't afford on their own, and your love ones can choose a specific project to fund. Read more »
For the Environmentalist in ENVIRONMENT
Want a junk-free mailbox? Precycle will remove a name from most junk mailing lists for a mere $10. Not only will your gift reduce someone's junk mail by at least 80%, it will save some of the 93.5 million trees destroyed each year to create all that clutter. Read more »
For the Modern-Day Abolitionist in END HUMAN TRAFFICKING
Made By Survivors sells beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, bags, and home goods made by survivors of human trafficking in India and Nepal. This type of craft, traditionally developed by men, gives female survivors an empowering skill to keep them out of slavery and generate income to rescue and protect others.  Read more »
Want to support animals this holiday? Consider adopting a virtual pet from Defenders of Wildlife or National Wildlife Federation, which offer virtual adoptions of wildlife with kits including photos, certificates, stuffed animals and more. It's the perfect way to honor your pet or animal-loving friend.  Read more »
For the Foodie in SUSTAINABLE FOOD
Sign up for a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership. A CSA entitles members to a regular delivery or pick-up of fresh, seasonal produce from a farm near them - a healthy choice for consumers and for the planet. To find a CSA near you or your loved ones, use LocalHarvest's online CSA locator.  Read more »
Want more gift ideas, including guides for the gay rights activist, the outdoors lover, or the feminist in your family? Check out our full gift guide here.
Happy holidays everyone!! & Thank you for visiting! ♥

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