Friday, December 3, 2010

Everyone remembers when Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian did the, Say Goodbye to Twitter for Charity right? Well here is just 1 of the photos from a shoot.....

Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Say Goodbye to Twitter
Here is the main link to the charity #BuyLife ........

Here is an Article for those who have not heard of this.....

All I have to say about THIS is it is a GREAT cause BUT, did they seriously have to take it THAT far by taking that picture disgusting & being apart of Hollyweird she better be careful now, lol! I can just SMELL conspiracies all around this shot just brewing away! *Giggles* So really though what are your thoughts on this? Not the Charity of course ...*Smiles* Comment below & thanks for reading.


  1. Hey! that is a very cryptic picture there. there is something sinister about it...weird! i am clicking! click and comment on mine too thanks

  2. Here's a thought for all these celebs...why not just open up their considerable checkbooks and donate their own money instead of waiting for their middle class or even less well off fans to do it? So often celebrities think just the fact that they show up is enough, that their time and face is more than enough. Sandra Bullock for example, gave $1 million to help the victims of 9/11. So did Jim Carey. Neither sought attention or glory. They also didn't attend the "telethon" like so many other Hollywood hypocrites who didn't donate, but managed to get themselves free publicity by being on TV.

  3. I completely AGREE with you Matthew,it's just like the concepts with the banks, our tax payers BAILED THEM OUT and now they have raised OUR FEEs on everything you can't even go to a bank and cash a check now if you don't have an account there because guess what, they charge anywhere up to 20 DOLLARS TO CASH IT!!! How RIDICULOUS! It's always the middle class and under giving and ALWAYS US getting the worse RATES and FEEs: Especially the hidden ones, I have these imaginary 1dollar and $2.50 charges outta no where NO EXPLANATION why and its like 6-7 a MONTH! I call to ask why they have no explanation and will remove them BUT if you don't see it that is 100's if not 1000's they've taken from you over the course of months and I KNOW PLENTY WHO don't watch their accounts daily *Coughs* my mom mom and MOM! SO I COMPLETELY agree, and ONE MORE THING, THANKS FOR COMMENTING Matthew!! I appreciate it!


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