Monday, April 11, 2011

Love Who You Are!

Important of Loving Yourself
“You talk to yourself all day.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
Therefore, repeat positive thoughts towards whatever you are feeling.  Some examples include:
  1. I am a strong person.
  2. I look great.
  3. I am successful at accomplishing my goals. 
  4. I value my good health.

    When thinking and talking to yourself, it is important to have positive thoughts and constantly motivate yourself.  While the body is built for health, the mind is very powerful.  Therefore, if you tell yourself you are strong and beautiful, you will feel better as a person. When you have love for yourself and have self-acceptance, you grow with joy.

    “Actively love yourself.”

        Understand that mistakes happen.  Build experience from them rather than slapping yourself in the face.  Practice forgiving yourself and constantly use forgiveness in self talk.  You can’t always stop negative things from happening in life, but you can control your response to them.
    There are many keys to self acceptance:
    • Think of unique things that set you apart from other people and draw good things from them. 
    • Pick a person that you look up to and find reasons why you look up to them. 
    • Take responsibility of your actions. 
    • Achieve self control and practice saying “no” in certain situations.  
    • Do something nice for another person. 
    • Whenever you do or say anything that causes another person to like himself more, you find yourself liking yourself more as well.

    Would love to hear your comments!

    What are ways you try to stay positive on bad days?

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