Tuesday, November 30, 2010


FINALLY I got off my butt and headed over to the car lot, in not even 20 minutes I got a BRAND NEW DODGE CARAVAN!!!!!!! And my Hubz I am BUYING him a WHITE WORK VAN, its GORGEOUS!!!!!! STILL will only have one car payment BOTH are going to be smashed together (I know the guy-he is awesome and hookin us up) so my payments monthly will be 380. but I put down my one car so thats 12000 onto the payment and the next two jobs are HUGE I will be makin at least 10k so I can either PAY them off orrr just GO CHRISTMAS shopping !!!! Which sounds like the best PLAN, get it OVER and DONE with! & the funny thing is I brought my mother and Jim with me and my mom saw this one VAN and OMG she FELL IN LOVE and is NOW TRADING HER CAR IN TOO & getting that one! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I told her we can consider them EARLY Xmas presents!! *Giggles* I am sooooooooo happy now !

:( O and get some FOLLOWERS over here from my other blogs/social sites, that has to happen STAT but other then that man, it's just soooooo funny how shit plays out! Especially w/my stalker , ha HOW is the GHETTO doing?? BOUT TIME you went were you BELONG. YOU & EVERYONE ELSE KNEW (Why you had no friends and the neighbors hated you) THAT you were NEVER BUILT to live in an area of CLASS! HA, Told ya KARMA was a bitch! *Giggles*  -and to everyone else (NOT THE STALKER) Remember : HOW PEOPLE TREAT YOU is THEIR KARMA, HOW YOU REACT is YOURS!!!! 

Anywho that's all I can think of for now, I am just soooooooo damn stoked and so happy all this is coming together, O O O AND MY NEW HOUSE!!! WILL BE READY in 3 MORE WKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CANT WAIT!!!! Finally EVERYTHING falls into place, FINALLY and let me tell you it feels damn good! * I am right where I NEED and LOVE to be * ♥ Gawd, how I love this ALLL TOO PERFECT AND CRAZY LIFE!

Send a Postcard *or many to the Soldiers........it's so easy ....using this....

HERE is a GREAT site to send a post card to a soldier and give him your thanks as well as wish him a happy holidays! It's free!!! & JUST ALL AROUND AMAZING!! 

Send a POSTCARD by clicking here & don't worry it's 100% FREE!!

The Soldiers LOVE It here is just a few replies from them.... 

I want to thank Dominic for the solider postcard. It made my day. I have it on my desk to uplift my spirits when I'm feeling down. I even noted that he wrote the card on my son's birthday so it was blessing.

An Air Force sergeant

In 1992, Mike Corrado bought his first guitar, learned three chords and started writing songs while at The Citadel. He then graduated and joined the Marine Corps to lead our nation's finest and see the world. His tours – both of duty and concert – would take him around the world, serving and performing from the North Carolina Coast to Iraq. Along the way, Mike crossed musical paths with Edwin McCain and John Mayer.

Then, on September 11, the world and Mike’s band was forever changed. Mike and his fiancé, a flight medic in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, were mobilized back to active duty. In 2002, Mike continued to train with the Marines and prepare for deployment. He married his wife Kate, who soon after was called to Afghanistan. During all this, Mike penned the song "On My Watch Tonight," a story of a Marine's journey from boot camp to the front lines.

In 2004, Mike re-recorded “On My Watch Tonight” and dropped off a copy to Greg Brady at WRHT 96.3 – “The HOT FM” – in North Carolina. “On My Watch Tonight” was posted on the HOT Morning Show's Web site and began receiving up to 5,000 downloads a week. Calls and e-mails continued to flood the station as military members, family members and fans were downloading the song and sending it to service members and loved ones across the country and deployed around the world. “On My Watch Tonight” was quickly becoming the anthem for U.S. troops deployed around the world and those here at home who keep a watchful eye.

Just days before deploying to Iraq in 2005, Mike released his CD Falling Awake. While in Iraq, he spent a year at Camp Falluja and served with some of the greatest people in the Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force.
To listen to Mike Corrado’s “On My Watch Tonight” song and view photos taken in Iraq, click here.

Take a look at Mike's Web site at www.mikecorrado.com
As I was leaving an un-eventful Valentine's Day today, one of the mail clerks yelled "Adams!! You have a package!!" A package, I thought to myself. I'm not expecting anything. What could this be? I took the box into my office and closed the door. As I opened the box, a flood of joy came over me as I looked over the cards from you and the young ones, one of my co-workers walked in to see tears rolling down my eyes. I had never received a gift with this much love, packed into one little place from someone that I've never known.
As I thought about what the cards talked about with soldiers giving their lives and privileges up to ensure the freedom of Americans, it was nice to know that someone out there does not take it for granted. I don't know who you are, but you are truly a gift from God. The gift that gives me the drive to serve my country proudly. As you pray that the Lord keeps the soldiers here safe and brings us home, I pray to the Lord that people like you do not die off from this world. Your contributions are nowhere near inadequate. Please never forget what this means to a soldier. Thank you for your love and thoughts.
"There's nothing like getting mail from home.
A letter has a sense of warmth and is more personal than e-mail. 
With regular mail, it's all yours to keep and take with you when you’re on the move," 
said Specialist Tommy Brooks from the 2-130
Illinois Infantry Battalion served a 12-month tour in Iraq.

“Airmen from the 447th Air Expeditionary Group in Iraq
with Let’s Say Thanks cards and a Give2TheTroops care package.”

“Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division in 
Afghanistan reading Let’s Say Thanks cards.”

Members of the 149th BCT, U.S. Army from Louisville,
KY hold postcards from the Let’s Say Thanks program.

Soldiers holding items from a Give2TheTroops® care package,
including a Let's Say Thanks card.

Short note from me...

Yes sooo I seem to have gotten this blog up and running Ive been working SO HARD on my other sites theyve BEEN set up but I am trying to set this one up w/my personal name for more of a personal feel and not just being a person behind a nickname. Hope you all like this, I like this layout all but the pink, I mean it's okay but I dunno I seriously need to take some time apart and work on this........maybe today will be that day, not sure. But this is it, I will definitely be keeping this blog and using it more and more.........Ive just been awful busy lately and I am trying to get everything else in order first then will move on to this! :)) Anywho so yup that's it, I did say it would be just a short note! :) Thanks for reading and to the other bloggers out there, HAPPY BLOGGING♥!

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