Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short note from me...

Yes sooo I seem to have gotten this blog up and running Ive been working SO HARD on my other sites theyve BEEN set up but I am trying to set this one up w/my personal name for more of a personal feel and not just being a person behind a nickname. Hope you all like this, I like this layout all but the pink, I mean it's okay but I dunno I seriously need to take some time apart and work on this........maybe today will be that day, not sure. But this is it, I will definitely be keeping this blog and using it more and more.........Ive just been awful busy lately and I am trying to get everything else in order first then will move on to this! :)) Anywho so yup that's it, I did say it would be just a short note! :) Thanks for reading and to the other bloggers out there, HAPPY BLOGGING♥!

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