Monday, November 29, 2010

Some companies try and charge for a letter from Santa....

Some companies try and charge for a letter from Santa.
Forget that.

If you (or maybe your child(ren)) send a letter with a first or second class stamp on it to


as long as it is received before December the 13th and includes a reply address. Then Santa will write back, with the kind aid of the Royal Mail !

I ho-ho-hope you save some money


Updated Note

A few more facts from the discussion below.

1. The website is Father Christmas's e-mail address apparently, and if children write there, he is now web enabled. It seems Mrs. Christmas personally installed good ADSL up there. !(thanks to Nololly for this suggestion).

2. Even if the address to Santa isn't correct, you should usually get a reply, however the above address is the one Royal Mail say Santa prefers.

 Operation Santa Clause♥ -- This link gives you a couple different states
locations on where to send your Santa Mail! 

Will Update when I find new addresses and information! :)) Enjoy..♥

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