Sunday, October 24, 2010

A fortune cookie I opened.........

Yes, I know.........

Every one that knows me personally knows that I had not 1 but 2 STALKERS that followed my EVERY move on the internet to the point where they were attempting to penetrate and devastate my life! But, OF COURSE in the end good prevails and Karma truly was and IS a bigger bitch then I could EVER be!! HA, so that's why I have not been blogging in a LONG time in my real name (still do privately and still will...☺.). But I did start this account/blog so I can start doing that again! I will still do what I do every where else.........& will really try to pick up the pace here & maybe then hopefully I can start spreading this link around also & get some interaction on this blog as well. Also a friend and myself will soon be coming together and making a joint account here we just have to come together and figure out what our "Brand" will be......waiting to see just HOW serious she is to do this on a real website other then MySpace which we all know is nothing but a haven for pedophiles,haters & stalkers, Blahhh but anyway! Seriously enough of that we are no longer going to mention that again. 

Let's get this blog rolling.....
And seriously if you stop by PLEASE do not
be a stranger,say hello! I won't bite! Well.........hard. *Giggles*

Thanks for stopping by,


Did YOU know that Oscar the grouch was originally Orange!

His color was changed to the green that we all know and
love during the show’s second season.

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