Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why most Shampoo's are such a waste of money!

How To Grow Long, Healthy Hair and Keep It That Way

How To Grow Long, Healthy Hair and Keep It That Way!

It’s the dirty little secret shampoo companies don’t want you to know—when you wash your hair with one of those nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients in the product don’t actually end up in your hair, they wind up down the drain… along with all the money you spent on the shampoo.
Why does this happen? Because the shampoo molecules they contain are too large to penetrate the cells of hair and more importantly the tiny hair follicles where our hair actually grows. They sit atop the follicle until we wash them away.
Why is that a problem? Think about it this way—if you wanted to fertilize a plant, where would you pour the fertilizer? On the leaves? Of course not! You’d pour the fertilizer on the root and the soil where it’s needed most. Our hair works basically the same way—if you want to treat your hair right, you need to treat the roots.
But if regular shampoo can’t penetrate the hair follicles where our roots grow, what are we supposed to do?
Fortunately, a California company called Kronos decided to tackle this problem. Their team of researchers designed a more-effective shampoo—one that contains tiny microscopic spheres so small that they penetrate hair follicles and deliver nutrients to where they’re needed most.  They call it “T-Sfere Technology”.
Once they had solved the delivery method dilemma, they turned their attention to formulating ingredients that targeted the 5 most significant signs of damaged hair:
  1. Thinning hair that lacks volume
  2. Dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair
  3. Limp lackluster hair
  4. Damaged hair with split ends
  5. Hair with poor color retention
Does it work? Check out the results from the product’s clinical testing. In a recent study, the Kronos system was shown boost hair volume and body by an unprecedented 96%; increase hair hydration by 91%; improve luster and shine by 96%; reduce split ends and breakage by 96%; and virtually eliminate color fading for up to four weeks. It’s rare that a shampoo can provide so many amazing benefits.
Already, Kronos has quickly become one of the most talked about hair care systems out there. It was recently featured on the Today show and was rated the #1 Overnight Hair Treatment product by The Good Housekeeping Institute.

Currently, Kronos is not available at retail stores but is being exclusively distributed on, America’s #1 destination for skin care and beauty. carries over 15,000 products from over 500 top brands and offers useful information from doctors, estheticians, and customers.

Since Kronos is still relatively new, is offering a limited amount of highly discounted Kronos Shampoo and Conditioner kits to new customers only, so people can see the results for themselves before deciding whether or not they want to purchase Kronos products at full price.
The special trial is offered for a limited time only.  To learn just how much you can currently save, click here to visit the Kronos products page at

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

111 .......

This year we have 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11....not only that but add the last two digits of your birth year to the age you will be this year and it should equal 111.

Monday, January 17, 2011

There comes a time in life,

when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good. So, love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of LIFE, getting back up is LIVING! ~♥

Daniel Radcliffe PSA for & The Trevor Project

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Until you know my joy, know my pain, & know my struggles! Until you've walked these shoes, paid my dues, & felt my troubles, until you've shared my tears, known my fears, in all my years, only til then, YOU only know what you THINK you know! ㋡

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanks to Social Networking your address, photos, phone #'s, & etc. are all available on this NEW SITE! Protect your online privacy by removing your information, STAT!

So this morning I am up super early and I get a Facebook status like this....

There's a site called that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB, your home address, credit score, home value, income, age, etc. REMOVE yourself by searching your name, copy the URL of your page, go to the bottom right corner of the page and click on the Privacy button to remove yourself. Copy & repost so your friends are aware.  

So at first I think okay,  just another stupid copy and paste this status and was going to ignore it. Then I thought back on the days when Google map VERY first started and I remember a massive email going out telling you to search yourself and literally everyone and anyone in the phone book or anywhere came up w/a map right to your house, satellite pictures and all. Remember that folks?!? *LOL* I do, so I hurry and copy the link! I do NOT post it right into my browser! I actually put it into the Google search bar because I wanted to see if the search pulled up a safe web site as well as did I want to check out the web description and address info/IP and all that good stuff that comes up in a search and w/a little right click , enter onto properties I can see if it's safe enough for me to visit & sure enough it WAS. 

So I get to this site and still a little skeptical I type my name in, my married name because see normally this one NEVER comes up! Guess what, BAM VERY FIRST name on the list, lol! So then I go and I search my maiden name and BAM 3 different addresses for the 3 places I owned and lived at the longest in my past 16 years of living in the state of Pennsylvania. Crazy, huh! I checked the state I grew up in and thankfully nothing came up! But as soon as I saw this status and the fact that it is ALL true, with having Twitter these days things like your address and FULL information details really, including any and all pictures that you've ever uploaded to facebook & I'm sure myspace and twitter too a this point! I didn't look to deeply into it after checking to see if it was a valid & safe site to visit! I just flipped and took myself then my loved ones off! Then of course I then run right to my blog to hit NEW POST & let everyone know this craziness of their privacy being invaded. So please hurry and tell/warn everyone and anyone you know of this! You can even copy and paste the quotations above of the FB Status and post that one directly on your page.

So please after seeing this I just had to do a very quick blog about it! I wanted to get this out to all of my friends and hell even people I don't like or even the people I don't know should know this too because, this really is not okay! And with the way social networking is, Wow! Ive seen some people act really nutty, for instance a show that is on a certain Network I won't name BUT, a friend of mine is on the show well this "Camera Dude" literally made a FAKE name/Facebook profile and would visit the  Shows fan page daily and harass this poor actress, O' wait, I'm sorry Reality star, lololol- anywho yes so he would obviously have inside info on her and also would make very detailed threats to her! He also was always throwing things in her face that only someone on set or behind the scenes would know. You would see in her responses that she too was clearly disturbed by how much he knew because when you know someone and see them daily you can tell, she had that GUT feeling he really did know her & left it alone more (not knowing who he was then -he could have been real nuts, like Manson nuts!) Well, I turned his info into my buddy who works for (and pretty much runs the damn place) an internet provider company and he pulled up the IP addresse that I gave him and found the NAME connected to the "Fake VERY Aggressive & Stalking" & it/HE HAD to be stopped. I told him I KNEW who he was the day I found out, I called him RIGHT out on it! I tried to do it in PRIVATE BUT, he was stupid and tried our fight to the public (like he did everything) & all on the wall of that fan page (as if I'm on the show?! LOL) then at that point I had to just blast him! He is sick,needs help & is lucky no charges have been pressed, as of yet!

He seriously reminded me of a certain stalker I had which is why I was even more prone to help her get to the bottom of it. Also imagine how scary it was finding out he WORKS on the set of her show and FILMS her daily, THINK he got to keep his job? 

HA, Ya get what ya give people. You really do.People think Karma is just a little cute quote people wanna use, or a saying vindictive bitches want to use towards you when they know you see right thru them, HA! (Had to throw that in there, #Yaknow..Lmfao) ....but anywho really let's get BACK to the point of this blog.

I think this information is extremley important for people to know. I do NOT believe web sites should do this. If I never joined your damn site what gives you the right to take my info from another, especially when I have 3rd party connects through Facebook closed and always have. Does not make any sense at all. So please pass this around or just tell your loved ones, friends , co-workers anyone you feel you must. I would especially share it with people who use social networking especially a facebook and twitter, heck even myspace!  Ive seen allot of fuckery go on, on these web sites. Ive seen allot of people do things to other people to the point that it basically ruins your/their lives. Because if I blog all over about you, your personal name w/lies no matter what I say employers will google you they WILL and ALWAYS find it and it WILL hinder your opportunities not just w/work but MANY w/many things. Say you have children, so now your kid's teachers and fellow students parents may see it, neighbors, co-workers and lawd forbid you live in a small town. EVERYONE there will know it is you, lol! So please PROTECT YOURSELF! Make sure your name is not on here. The Google map site also, and he! All those sites should NOT be listing your profiles/pictures/ALL your addresses/All old and prior phone numbers too!!!! You and many others MIGHT NOT realize this but w/all that info I just listed there someone could basically just steal your identity at that point! Especially if THAT is what they set out to do to MANY people on the internet which happens daily, which is why you should ALWAYS make sure a web page is Safe and Valid before loading it! So please let everyone you know, family, friends, co-workers,and even your neighbors! Because this and the OTHER sites that do this are NOT OKAY and the faster we spread this and get attention to it the faster Google will fix it and lock it down a bit more as they did their google map site, because this is and appears to be connected with no other then GOOGLE MAP, *SMH*! 

So below I'll list a couple other sites to help you stay safe online and please don't take this information for granted. Once you've become a victim of cyber stalking/harassment you'll never use the internet the same after and these people are SICK and need to be stopped so make sure you always save ALL information on them constantly log and constantly LOG those IP addresses that's what is gonna save ya, and TRACK your stalker. Without that they will never find em', with it!!! They can find em' in a heartbeat. So good luck & get your INFO OFF this (& those other) sites!! 

Basic Internet Safety for Kids!


McGruff.Org explains how to stay safe on the Internet!

30 Ways to STAY safe online!

Do you have a Cyber Bully/Stalker?!? Click here if so!! CyberBully.Org 


5 Steps to Internet Safety -

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ted Williams, ‘The Man With The Golden Voice,’ Is Going To Rehab! Can You Believe It? « Hollywood Life

Ted Williams, ‘The Man With The Golden Voice,’ Is Going To Rehab! Can You Believe It?


Homeless hero Ted Williams is heading to ‘Dr. Phil’ to discuss his weakness for drugs & alcohol!

Ted Williams, ‘The Man With The Golden Voice,’ Is Going To Rehab! Can You Believe It? « Hollywood Life

I don't have time to post an update in my own words or how I feel on this yet.......will do so soon! Just wanted to let you all know STAT the info about The Man with that Golden Voice. Such a shame..Follow link to read more. Will post more links and my opinions later tonight. ♥ Blessed be all. ♥

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Man w/a Golden Voice...

If you are wondering WHY the links or embedded videos of Ted Williams a man with a truly golden voice who became an internet sensation over night and world wide were all disabled, then click this link here at Dispatch & it will explain why. As well as you are free to come up w/your own conclusions and opinions, I'd love to hear some of them! Just let me know below... *Giggles* ♥

Also you can still watch Ted Williams, the Man w/the Golden Voice below at this video! And the cool thing with this one is it will continue to play more and more of all the interviews as well as reunion w/his mother and etc... ☻
As for me, I AM THRILLED for Ted and hope he stays on this path of righteousness and stays clean♥! Ted if your out there and reading this...GOOD LUCK pal you're voice alone is an inspiration. God Bless you darling (& many others out there too),deserve all that and more.♥

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quick update....

Hello everyone I apologize that I have not been blogging since before Christmas, after the holidays I of course have my hubz Bday to handle and WORSE of all this year when I went to visit my Mom mom I found her on the floor barely concise, she couldnt life her head, nor breathe. I called 911 had the ambulance rush her to the hospital and since I have been handling all her duties, my MOTHER, my Mom-moms and the house over there considering my aunt is there and SICK as well. She is STILL in the ICU unit for seniors so any bit of a cough or fever you are NOT ALLOWED to visit which is why the past two days I wasn't permitted in but every other day I spent there by her side and hope to again BY TONIGHT for the next visiting hours at 4 I will just load up on antibiotics, steroid cough meds, take my inhaler and just try not to get to close, and WILL wear a face mask while in the room *sighs*! So THAT is what I have been doing and what has prevented me from blogging lately. But, don't worry were hoping today they can remove the one tube out of her throat (not her lungs) that way she can be a lil more comfortable, she is suffering severe Pneumonia, she already HAS emphysema and her lungs wont stop filling so that is what is happening now. Just trying to get a handle on it and get her back to being able to breathe on her own! :) ANY prayers/thoughts and well wishes are VERY much appreciated. Thank you all and take care♥!

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