Sunday, January 9, 2011

I found this interesting.......

Click the picture to see where it came from and their comments.
Also who made it is listed there. ☻


  1. Now that is a great visual representation of how brains and eyes may feel sometimes.

    I could not stand it for a constant diet.

    FreakyNews has some wonderful material.

  2. Also, Sammi, I have a concern.

    On the widget there is something about South Africa and corrective rape as a hate crime.

    Could you fill us in more on this, please?

    It would be a good serious post.

    And I am sure that the idea/thinking behind it is not only in South Africa!

  3. Yes, in time I could do a post on it. It is a petition to declare corrective rape as a hate crime. Right now it is not :( and men are able to do it and face no consequences for their horrendous actions. Also if you click SIGN it and follow the petition you'll see it goes more into detail and the widget also scrolls to the right and you're then able to sign the other petitions as well.

    Also I am not to familiar with that widget, I haven't used it before and it didn't let me pick which petitions to display (which would've been nice, because that pic is very disturbing to constantly see) I was hoping they would rotate and change on it's own BUT that hasn't happened yet so in due time yes I can investigate and gather out more info on that topic for you soon, right now I was forced to take a break I have some serious family health issues going on w/my Grandmother that affects my disabled aunt who she use to care for and my mother is a mess within herself, *Sighs* so with my kids and all going on plus my business and work, Ive had no time for blogging! But will soon....she can't be THIS sick forever she's 81 and having trouble eating now after they removed the tube so we're taking it day by day at this moment and she is very weak so we don't want to make any assumptions yet just wait it out and see how it all plays out! I know she has been lacking oxygen from her brain for a very long time and was unresponsive a couple days ago causing me to drive 210 miles down the freeway to the hospital from New Castle De. to Chester, Pa. talk about a nightmare. :( So Ill get on it for you! Just give me some time! :) and thanks♥ I hope you signed the petitions too!! :) You do not have to donate just close the window if you choose not to at that point.

    Take care doll and thanks for visiting. :)

  4. O' and about the eye pic, hahahaaha I know my brain feels that way on MANY days, I was also talking about the symbolism in the pic. It's very interesting, others who read will understand what I mean by that :) ! But Freaky news did have me stuck on it for a good day, I just couldnt stop looking at all the awesome pictures last night! All amazingly done. :) <3 I will have to revisit it again. :)


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