Monday, January 10, 2011

The Man w/a Golden Voice...

If you are wondering WHY the links or embedded videos of Ted Williams a man with a truly golden voice who became an internet sensation over night and world wide were all disabled, then click this link here at Dispatch & it will explain why. As well as you are free to come up w/your own conclusions and opinions, I'd love to hear some of them! Just let me know below... *Giggles* ♥

Also you can still watch Ted Williams, the Man w/the Golden Voice below at this video! And the cool thing with this one is it will continue to play more and more of all the interviews as well as reunion w/his mother and etc... ☻
As for me, I AM THRILLED for Ted and hope he stays on this path of righteousness and stays clean♥! Ted if your out there and reading this...GOOD LUCK pal you're voice alone is an inspiration. God Bless you darling (& many others out there too),deserve all that and more.♥

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