Friday, April 1, 2011

Dirty . com shut down??!!? Seized by ICE/Homeland Security!? What do you think it's an April Fool's Day joke or is it REALLY shut down? UPDATED again! Yes, I was 100% correct it was an April Fools Prank & the dirty is BACK!

This is the message Nik sent out to us on Facebook.Com:
Currently is down until further notice. My legal team an I will be fighting the FBI to the fullest extent. I apologize.

& here is the Image posted on ALL of the links, go ahead and Google the.Dirty and a bunch of different post will show up BUT all are blank and replaced w/THIS image! 


Allot think of course this is nothing BUT an April Fool's Joke! Because of course today IS April 1st! Duh.

BUT, the question is that most have that is a GOOD question to ask is, "Why on earth would Nik shut the page down with ALL the new traffic coming in and NOT include his Ads"? - if it were a joke, you'd think he would still want to create some sort of  revenue w/the massive amount of traffic coming to check out every different post they can find to see if they ALL really are shut down and sure enough EVERY page pops up with nothing but the very 1st image! ALL POST / ADS everything is gone all but that image above saying it has been seized. 

This seems to have allot of people very stressed out over it, this picture suits the post especially if it happens to turn out to be NOTHING BUT a joke, lol!

& another argument people are saying is, "That IF that image was really put up and replaced ALL links associated w/the Dirty IF it was from ICE/Homeland Security normally when they shut down websites they normally have a red banner on their image as in THIS Image seems to be altered but even that within itself is ILLEGAL! You can not take ANY Government images/symbols and photo shop them so that within itself COULD bring Nik a whole slew of issues too. If it is a JOKE, like most think! I am still undecided! Which is why I am writing this,  I will look into it more, would love to hear some others opinions! So feel free to comment below and let me know what you think about this "Shut Down of the Dirty Site". 

             Either way to joke about anything w/ Ice /Homeland Security our Government things of that nature are very - very serious! I don't think it is anything really to joke about it! Granted this is a petty website. So my stance is the same as this lil adorable kitten!  I* will just wait it out and see how long Nik let's it go on. By 12 midnight, if not sooner WE SHOULD know the truth by then. Because after all how funny is an April Fools Day joke after April Fools? -It's not. So Give it up soon NIK, We are waiting! *Giggles*

UPDATE 4-1-11 11:30am: Yup so...I finally got the chance to research a page that WAS and IS closed down by Ice/Homeland Security and above I have Uploaded the REAL image used by Ice/Homeland Security! 

     Peoples hunches ARE right! Ya, see not to long ago Ice/Homeland Security DID take over some VERY popular websites (World Star Hip-Hop in which 50Cent claimed HE shut the page down, lol-but that too turned out all for publicity BUT- they did it the same time a TON of other POPULAR music pages were shut down for piracy and copyright issues! They ALL became #TT -(Trending Topics) on twitter because they were spoken about so much! Which is why so many are picking up on it because they all subconsciously remember seeing all those music pages shut down and then later some were allowed to open back up but ALLOT of these sites that were hit also they had shut down at one time A TON BY MISTAKE! Click HERE to read more on THAT!

So therefore  THE IMAGE on THE DIRTY IS NOT WHAT THEY USE when they shut down web sites. & many including myself recognized that right from the door. If anything to make this prank MORE REAL Nik should have had his site shut down the DAY BEFORE April Fools not ALL day on April Fools then OPEN it back up towards LATE night hours on April Fools day w/a post saying Got ya, or something of that nature!  So that naturally leaves me & I am sure everyone else w/NO OTHER CONCLUSION to conclude that this is no doubt a PRANK!

      Not to mention a VERY sad attempt at one by Nik too considering such HUGE websites were NOT to long really shut down and affected and then it happening by mistake caught HUGE news headlines so MOST People who go online wouldve seen or at least checked them out. So yeah....just what I thought. Sorry Nik, Not a good one, lol! O' well, least you tried, eh! Better luck NEXT YEAR! Lol !

   O' & 1 thing if you would like to refresh your memory back on the World Star Hip hop (scam-50cent was involved in this too) of being shut down by Ice Click HERE to go to my friends blog! Which is AWESOME might I add. Anywho, Enjoy and thank you for reading.

UPDATE April 2nd: Just as I proved above w/the real image and sites that were closed down by Ice/Homeland Security as of April 2nd was back up Click the link to see Nik's post claiming he "Got us" - Not really Nik cuz this girl was on to it from the start, Lol!


  1. Wow I really like your blog... You seem like a really nice lady... I to was tripped out at TheDirty being down... Who knows... It is a very tasteless website... But I have to admit I find some of the posts funny...

  2. He posted pictures of Army soldiers with dead Afghan civilians, they might have seized the website for investigation...

  3. exxxtracredit said...
    Wow I really like your blog... You seem like a really nice lady... I to was tripped out at TheDirty being down... Who knows... It is a very tasteless website... But I have to admit I find some of the posts funny...

    Aww, why thank you very much exxxtra! ♥This is my public blog I share w/all my social networks friends and etc. for a while I went into complete hiding only blogging Anon. BUT, w/certain copyright rules sometimes it's easier/well ALWAYS it is easier to have 1 in your Real full name that way you can protect any and all your content! & I do work VERY hard on it, even more so because it is new and a I VERY much appreciate that comment! I truly do♥!

    I KNOW this one chick she THINKS she is a model, totally delusional but SPAMS people w/her blog that she COPIES and PASTE right from other blogs not taking a lil clip and then LINKING to them which is BLOGGING Courtesy and respect. Call it our Blogging CODE. Ya know BLOGGING w/Integrity you don't solely STEAL other peoples full blogs she doesn't even write ONE post herself OR DELETE any of the extra tagging and bloggers SNEAK in codes so that they mess up and split into frames so they don't copy and paste well at ALL but she DOES it and KEEPS doing it soon they will just shut her down. Cuz when you copy and paste others work all the proof is in the HTML coding and they can clearly see it wont mach w/her account. & it isn't just her they're tons of them out there, I am constantly having to tell people to remove my post or at least PREVIEW it then LINK back to me, its common courtesy basically.

    & to receive a compliment as yours after all the work I have put into this blog considering it is SO new. I know how BLOGGING works *like I said this is the only one I mix w/my social circle (had bad jealous people play games before so yeah NOT going to ever mix my REAL business pages and Social Sites AGAIN! Lol!

    And this also responds too :
    Kelley said...
    He posted pictures of Army soldiers with dead Afghan civilians, they might have seized the website for investigation...

    & in response to the Dirty I NEVER was fooled for a minute the ONLY FOOL in that joke was NIK I BARELY EVER go to the Dirty the person I was complaining about who I THOUGHT was a good friend of mine till I found out she just copied all my work and used me, would everything I would do or write, I EVEN found her telling things I told her in confidence that another person (YES-famous & NO I do NOT NAME Drop! Ever.)Anywho so I find her telling what I told her and even told her that person TOLD ONLY ME this and if SHE EVER said anything they'd KNOW I TOLD! DUH! Well then I catch her typing in an ALIAS the exact $hit that was told to me & then get a phone call from that said person flipping out on WHY it was there & I THEN had to explain bout my so called THOUGHT I could trust friend, BS! Not to mention according to the Dirty websites she'd be a PERFECT candidate,HAHA!

  4. - But seriously like I said I MYSELF DO NOT agree AT ALL w/the Dirty's ways NOR am I apart of the web site. I blogged about it and had +OVER 3000 VIEWS in not even 3 hrs. It was ONLY done for a blogging trend which I NORMALLY DO NOT do but since I TOOK sooo much time off the 3 months my Mom mom got sick and then Passed away, I HAD to do something REALLY BIG to get back the viewers attention and WHAT BETTER WAY then to BUST NIK on a VERY LAME ATTEMPT April Fools day joke-because like I stated in the blog this was JUST A HUGE Deal on Twitter when MANY music sites were shut down and World Hip Hop and 50 cent ALSO TRICKED people by doing this so it wasn't like IT HASN'T BEEN done before and the sites that did it were SO WORLD-WIDE KNOWN thru the web it was just sad and also LIKE I stated too NIK was ridiculous for one his image was loaded from WordPress any Government image would have been LOCKED down which he easily could have done with other web sites. That hold pics and w/as many out there he could have used one UNKNOWN one (gave them a boost in traffic) As well as did NIK had thousands that clicked on his page and YOU KNOW SOME of those dudes, Ahahaha clicked OVER and OVER but NOT ONE of his pages had Any of his advertisements on it, I am unsure if he had any HIDDEN because that is easily done just make ALL text white and use only text ads and DO not have any video ones play because THAT in itself would have gave it away but what GAVE it away from the door WAS the image was completely wrong and MILLIONS of us all on Twitter saw what a web site looked like after being SEIZED by Ice and Homeland security and those sites were EVEN removed from ALL GOOGLE post when you googled the Dirty's IT ALL was still there each post all just over rides & directed you to show that FAKE attempt and forging a GOVERNMENT image which WITHIN itself, IS ILLEGAL. x)~

  5. BUT AGAIN I would like to thank you BOTH! For reading, I hope you subscribe and COME BACK and visit more. ALSO if ANYTHING you need help or tips? Advice on ?? Anything ?? All you have to do is ASK, :)) And I will research and post a blog w/as much correct and valuable information or if its a step by step explanation on how to do something, I can easily and would be more then willing and happy to suit any of yours or anyone else's blog readings needs. :))

    I am here to please the reader. So I am grateful for your comments, so much more then you two will ever know. I am even more thankful for your visit and for you taking time to read my post from start to finish.

    Also if ANY of you have any blogs?! And would like to share them w/me I would be more then happy to follow and maybe even do a #Shoutout post for you to grab you tons of views as well! :)) Its common Blogging courtesy and I do not mind, so like I said ALL you have to do is ask, and AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH for your replies.

    I too completely agree w/both of you! Don't worry though EVERYTHING everyone does whether it is out of ignorance or on purpose when you solely set out to DESTROY people and rip them down, ha! TRUST me - "What goes around MOST certainly DOES come back around" And those in time WILL ALL pay for their ACTIONS- not one of us is completely sin free, also might I add you but I do agree. Having a web site just to hurt people is pretty LOW on the poll which is why I was so surprised NO ONE else reported on it, lol I KNEW they didn't and was sooooo surprised w/the amount of traffic I ACTUALLY did get. :) Pretty awesome. So I guess I can thank Nik that because he LIKED my comment of my link on his FB and after that the Traffic just poured in! LOL! Anywho I am probably at my text limit - LOL I often hit it allot which is THE ONLY reason youll ever catch me leaving multiple comments but they really don't give us much space at all and this is suppose to be social? Cutting us off with Limits?! Sucks, NOW THAT is a post I NEED to blog about and then send to ALL the major social networking sites to wake them the heck up ! LOL, girl can dream cant she, haha! Anywho nice speaking w/you all! HOPE you come back again! ♥


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