Friday, April 1, 2011

Dirty . com shut down??!!? Seized by ICE/Homeland Security!? What do you think it's an April Fool's Day joke or is it REALLY shut down? UPDATED again! Yes, I was 100% correct it was an April Fools Prank & the dirty is BACK!

This is the message Nik sent out to us on Facebook.Com:
Currently is down until further notice. My legal team an I will be fighting the FBI to the fullest extent. I apologize.

& here is the Image posted on ALL of the links, go ahead and Google the.Dirty and a bunch of different post will show up BUT all are blank and replaced w/THIS image! 


Allot think of course this is nothing BUT an April Fool's Joke! Because of course today IS April 1st! Duh.

BUT, the question is that most have that is a GOOD question to ask is, "Why on earth would Nik shut the page down with ALL the new traffic coming in and NOT include his Ads"? - if it were a joke, you'd think he would still want to create some sort of  revenue w/the massive amount of traffic coming to check out every different post they can find to see if they ALL really are shut down and sure enough EVERY page pops up with nothing but the very 1st image! ALL POST / ADS everything is gone all but that image above saying it has been seized. 

This seems to have allot of people very stressed out over it, this picture suits the post especially if it happens to turn out to be NOTHING BUT a joke, lol!

& another argument people are saying is, "That IF that image was really put up and replaced ALL links associated w/the Dirty IF it was from ICE/Homeland Security normally when they shut down websites they normally have a red banner on their image as in THIS Image seems to be altered but even that within itself is ILLEGAL! You can not take ANY Government images/symbols and photo shop them so that within itself COULD bring Nik a whole slew of issues too. If it is a JOKE, like most think! I am still undecided! Which is why I am writing this,  I will look into it more, would love to hear some others opinions! So feel free to comment below and let me know what you think about this "Shut Down of the Dirty Site". 

             Either way to joke about anything w/ Ice /Homeland Security our Government things of that nature are very - very serious! I don't think it is anything really to joke about it! Granted this is a petty website. So my stance is the same as this lil adorable kitten!  I* will just wait it out and see how long Nik let's it go on. By 12 midnight, if not sooner WE SHOULD know the truth by then. Because after all how funny is an April Fools Day joke after April Fools? -It's not. So Give it up soon NIK, We are waiting! *Giggles*

UPDATE 4-1-11 11:30am: Yup so...I finally got the chance to research a page that WAS and IS closed down by Ice/Homeland Security and above I have Uploaded the REAL image used by Ice/Homeland Security! 

     Peoples hunches ARE right! Ya, see not to long ago Ice/Homeland Security DID take over some VERY popular websites (World Star Hip-Hop in which 50Cent claimed HE shut the page down, lol-but that too turned out all for publicity BUT- they did it the same time a TON of other POPULAR music pages were shut down for piracy and copyright issues! They ALL became #TT -(Trending Topics) on twitter because they were spoken about so much! Which is why so many are picking up on it because they all subconsciously remember seeing all those music pages shut down and then later some were allowed to open back up but ALLOT of these sites that were hit also they had shut down at one time A TON BY MISTAKE! Click HERE to read more on THAT!

So therefore  THE IMAGE on THE DIRTY IS NOT WHAT THEY USE when they shut down web sites. & many including myself recognized that right from the door. If anything to make this prank MORE REAL Nik should have had his site shut down the DAY BEFORE April Fools not ALL day on April Fools then OPEN it back up towards LATE night hours on April Fools day w/a post saying Got ya, or something of that nature!  So that naturally leaves me & I am sure everyone else w/NO OTHER CONCLUSION to conclude that this is no doubt a PRANK!

      Not to mention a VERY sad attempt at one by Nik too considering such HUGE websites were NOT to long really shut down and affected and then it happening by mistake caught HUGE news headlines so MOST People who go online wouldve seen or at least checked them out. So yeah....just what I thought. Sorry Nik, Not a good one, lol! O' well, least you tried, eh! Better luck NEXT YEAR! Lol !

   O' & 1 thing if you would like to refresh your memory back on the World Star Hip hop (scam-50cent was involved in this too) of being shut down by Ice Click HERE to go to my friends blog! Which is AWESOME might I add. Anywho, Enjoy and thank you for reading.

UPDATE April 2nd: Just as I proved above w/the real image and sites that were closed down by Ice/Homeland Security as of April 2nd was back up Click the link to see Nik's post claiming he "Got us" - Not really Nik cuz this girl was on to it from the start, Lol!

It's good seeing people take their new found fame & use it to try & help others, check out this clip w/ Rebecca Black in it!

This video was done w/Funny or Die. ☻ 
& if you happen to NOT be familiar w/the site 
who makes videos like this *& tons of other 
HILARIOUS ones then I suggest you click the 
Link I placed in the words, Funny or Die it will 
take you to their home page. Enjoy.

Once before I blogged about some very weird trees! This time I have collected around different places on the web some very Mysterious and Odd shaped trees!

17 images, and 17 trees that I would L♥VE to visit!! Check them out below.......☺

Nature sure creates some surprisingly most beautiful, some appear to have been carved by Angels, they truly are some wonderful and unique creations! Keep Scrolling down......  they get even better!!

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