Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quick update....

Hello everyone I apologize that I have not been blogging since before Christmas, after the holidays I of course have my hubz Bday to handle and WORSE of all this year when I went to visit my Mom mom I found her on the floor barely concise, she couldnt life her head, nor breathe. I called 911 had the ambulance rush her to the hospital and since I have been handling all her duties, my MOTHER, my Mom-moms and the house over there considering my aunt is there and SICK as well. She is STILL in the ICU unit for seniors so any bit of a cough or fever you are NOT ALLOWED to visit which is why the past two days I wasn't permitted in but every other day I spent there by her side and hope to again BY TONIGHT for the next visiting hours at 4 I will just load up on antibiotics, steroid cough meds, take my inhaler and just try not to get to close, and WILL wear a face mask while in the room *sighs*! So THAT is what I have been doing and what has prevented me from blogging lately. But, don't worry were hoping today they can remove the one tube out of her throat (not her lungs) that way she can be a lil more comfortable, she is suffering severe Pneumonia, she already HAS emphysema and her lungs wont stop filling so that is what is happening now. Just trying to get a handle on it and get her back to being able to breathe on her own! :) ANY prayers/thoughts and well wishes are VERY much appreciated. Thank you all and take care♥!


  1. Best wishes for your Mom.

    And great handling of duties: being the cook, cleaner and chief bottle-washer.

    (Based upon a homeschooling Mum's description of her duties: she added "she was the headmistress of the House of Chaos").

  2. Ha, I hear that! And her HOME...Oh-my-gawd is THAT definitely the house of CHAOS and SHOULD SO BE IN THE DICTIONARY net to the definition, I may just add it to the Urban dictionary now! HAHAHAHAHA! Just joking of course and it is not my Mom but my Mom-mom- is what I call my Grandmother☺! LOL, She's 81 so it's gonna take her some time to beat this. Her body is very frail and VERY weak but TODAY she was MOVED out of ICU and onto a regular unit the incubator has been removed (the throat tube) but her lungs still have tubes in them to drain the blood which is poisoning her w/the HIGH concentration of carbon monoxide and the fluid which drowns you. THEY'RE just NOT STOPPING and Im praying they will soon, *Sighs* ! But anywho thank you so much for the well wishes in advance even though you mistook the word Mom mom for my mom and not grandmother your heart was still in the right place, and best wishes/vibes were STILL sent her way♥, so Thank you darling, and thank you for always reading my blog. ☻


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