Tuesday, November 30, 2010


FINALLY I got off my butt and headed over to the car lot, in not even 20 minutes I got a BRAND NEW DODGE CARAVAN!!!!!!! And my Hubz I am BUYING him a WHITE WORK VAN, its GORGEOUS!!!!!! STILL will only have one car payment BOTH are going to be smashed together (I know the guy-he is awesome and hookin us up) so my payments monthly will be 380. but I put down my one car so thats 12000 onto the payment and the next two jobs are HUGE I will be makin at least 10k so I can either PAY them off orrr just GO CHRISTMAS shopping !!!! Which sounds like the best PLAN, get it OVER and DONE with! & the funny thing is I brought my mother and Jim with me and my mom saw this one VAN and OMG she FELL IN LOVE and is NOW TRADING HER CAR IN TOO & getting that one! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I told her we can consider them EARLY Xmas presents!! *Giggles* I am sooooooooo happy now !

:( O and get some FOLLOWERS over here from my other blogs/social sites, that has to happen STAT but other then that man, it's just soooooo funny how shit plays out! Especially w/my stalker , ha HOW is the GHETTO doing?? BOUT TIME you went were you BELONG. YOU & EVERYONE ELSE KNEW (Why you had no friends and the neighbors hated you) THAT you were NEVER BUILT to live in an area of CLASS! HA, Told ya KARMA was a bitch! *Giggles*  -and to everyone else (NOT THE STALKER) Remember : HOW PEOPLE TREAT YOU is THEIR KARMA, HOW YOU REACT is YOURS!!!! 

Anywho that's all I can think of for now, I am just soooooooo damn stoked and so happy all this is coming together, O O O AND MY NEW HOUSE!!! WILL BE READY in 3 MORE WKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CANT WAIT!!!! Finally EVERYTHING falls into place, FINALLY and let me tell you it feels damn good! * I am right where I NEED and LOVE to be * ♥ Gawd, how I love this ALLL TOO PERFECT AND CRAZY LIFE!


  1. & YES I do have the keys now, LOLOL or I would have NO WAY put this post up unless I was certain, it would devastate me, lol! Just waiting for morning and my insurance to open so they can SWITCH the insurance from my old car too my NEW BEAUTIFUL Onyx black Caravan, it really is gorgeous! It really DOES PAY off to work hard and DO GOOD ALL THE TIME, BLESSINGS come when you least expect it, and BOY are they a blessing! I would have never EVER expected to wake up today and realize I am getting 3 BRAND NEW vehicles FOR NO MORE then a LOUSY 300 payment a month! And a 200 on the one for my mom(but she pays that, ahhh) WHO SERIOUSLY would have thought that! SURE PAYS off using the same dealership year after year for ALL your work trucks I just dealt with this last year and got Jim new work trucks AND BOUGHT his one worker a truck, who is A LOSER well not a truck he had the VAN but he AGAIN dissappeared ALL weekend on us TOOK THE VAN KEYS but left it parked SO ICOULDNT EVEN MOVE IT so I FIRED HIM, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND NO MORE CHANCES! I am sure ANOTHER PERSON would benefit more off of making 250.00 a DAY no matter HOW LONG he works and A WORK VAN HE CAN TAKE HOME W/the tools and ALL PLEASSSSSSSSE, ALL HE DID WAS USE and steal from us cuz TOOLS vanish ALL THE TIME, SO WEVE HAD It & THAT is the ONE vehicle I am giving them back, lol to get mine! SO HA! F' him! So sick of losers and people who take advantage of people! I swear all the people here in delco are selfish crazy fucks, lol! CANT WAIT FOR MY HOUSE TO BE READY!! AHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. hey i am getting a new car too! a 2001 ford taurus. i will keep clicking too click on mine. its slow calculating but it is

  3. People will click your ads just give them time, if you get fired YOU WONT be able to get back! And people saying it is scams are just made because they couldnt SCAM them.

  4. Someone sent me rules on what you do to see if they can reconsider reactivated your account! Obviously you were OVERLOADING YOUR OWN PAGE w/clicks even from your parents house I WAS DOING IT LIKE I PROMISED WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH! BUT NOW YOU GOT ADSENSE WRITING ME FIRING YOU! GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Just drop the ads, lol! I DONT MIND THEM ON MY PAGE and I LIKE em there♥ so I will leave them up! foreva !! haha! especially my frogs and turtles :P and FISH! O THANKS FOR ASKIN ME A QUESTION IN MY NEW POLL!


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