Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keenan Cahill Tribute (Requested by @SammiDeHart♥)

ANNOUNCEMENT:   If Anyone Posts  any of mine, Keenan's,High Island Wrestling's  Videos To Their Channel We Will File Copyright Claims To Remove Them. We all Work Hard To Make Videos, So Please Don't Steal Them or any image you might see, if you use ask permission and ALWAYS give credit and link back, Thanks & more on Keenan  below...♥
HAHA- This was made for me♥ for Keenan from me, lololol if that makes any sense!! I simply adore & love love loveeee him♥

& if by chance you have been hiding under a rock and you DO NOT know who Keenan Cahill is then PLEASE check out his youtube channel! ☻ He is sooo cute, so inspiring to so many and very hilarious!

If you'd like to find/add him on 
YouTube click the links below♥!
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David Graham
& Mark Long. You may Email them any Offers you might have for Kennan! You can do that @

Also please no fan emails. You may contact him  at any of his other sites!
KEENAN'S ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE  is  ANY & All Others Are Fake! Also If you click the Beener Keeker image above it will take you directly to his twitter page, so enjoy♥! 

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