Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little Miss Miley Cyrus speaks about smoking salvia and more.....

Photo from TMZ!
Miley is a role model for many young girls who watch the Disney show that made her famous, Hannah Montana. Cyrus actually does realize the consequence of her actions, as she tells Marie Claire in the March issue (on stands Feb. 15).
When prompted with the question of whether she feels misjudged (salvia is a legal high) compared to other teens, 
(Click the People link to read this story as well as the Marie Claire link above has that article. ☻)Miley responded in response to People Magazine she stated the college students and others are doing MUCH MORE then just smoking Salvia..

“But they’re not Miley Cyrus,”
“They’re not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for.”
Wow! This must be the most intelligent sentence that has come out of this little lady’s mouth in a long time. Maybe it has to do with the back lash? Maybe she has finally come to terms that people don't WANT this Miley, they want a GOOD CLEAN Miley! Maybe now that she’s a legal adult, she’s actually becoming an adult? Hopefully because once you past that age, it is NO LONGER just a slap on the hand and being sent to your room w/no internet connection or cell phone! Now it WILL be JAIL time if she KEEPS going down this PATH she is.

Also it was quite apparent no one enjoyed the black squawking bird version of Miley, or the one attempting to remake/rewrite the SHOCK factor of the Brit/Christina & Madonna Kiss. Does she NOT realize ALL of them going down that ROOT?!? GOING w/THAT image they didn't last long! No one wants her to turn into that, people want a real idol for their kids! One that makes GOOD choices, who really is talented, who focuses and practices and cares for the SHOW her IMAGE and her fans but most of ALL HERSELF! And I find it VERY apparent that Miley does NOT in anyway feel highly of herself at all, but that's a whole other blog, really! And you just KNOW the magazines HAVE all her train wreck covers all ready to be published for when she falls. They do it with deaths too.

But, seriously BACK to Miley smoking this Salvia stuff, whatever it is what do you think? You think it is just an innocent thing all kids do/try?(Of course I do not!) Also what do you think of this Sexy/ Dangerous/ EDGY & uh kinda Gangster now Image she is trying to put out?? I mean you go from lil Miss innocent Blondie Hannah Montana angel to this spastic-you're worried she's having a seizure giant black bird smoking out of bongs and forgetting her name?!?!? Just crazy.......& people idolize & dream to be like these stars, that's what makes me sad. So feel free to tell me what you think below, would LOVE to hear some comments, sure I'll get WAY more on my social sites when I share this, LOL but that is okay too!

Here are some pictures below from Can't be tamed as well as the INSANE video!

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  1. She is totally looking like a peacock in the last picture ! lol

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