Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Followers,

How have you all been? I have been uber busy w/all going on with my Grandmother! She is still doing REALLY bad & it really isn't looking too good at this point. That is also one of the main reasons I have not been updating or writing much of anything, *sighs* because my head & heart have just NOT been there. As expected, I love my grandmother very much and am extremely worried about her. I have had sick children as well as Pneumonia myself which I JUST recently got rid of after 41/2 wks of NOT being able to breath or cough, it was terrible! I still am a little sick but nothing like I was and the children/hubz are back to normal. So hopefully it will END here and NOT rotate around the family again! I disinfected EVERYTHING this time, non-stop and WILL continue too! As well as will I keep the temperature low in the house at night to kill any sick germs (the cold does it), As well as do you have a much healthier and deeper sleep resulting in more energy in the morning just as long as hubby remembers to turn it up BEFORE we get up (since he is up and out the door before we wake..) that way the house wont be freezing when we wake up and served it's purpose.

Well that's about it, I am getting tired now and wanted to just send a quick HELLO & UPDATE to let you all still know I am still alive, still plan on actively using this blog so look forward to more fun/cool/weird/awesome/crazy/interesting/intellectual & just anything I feel like posting kind of posts! Lol, so thank you for visiting, thank you for reading PLEASE feel free to share any of my post below
 I have the options to post them to your FB or Twitter, 
in the future when I build this blog 
up more I will add more options and such. 
SO again thanks for coming by and take care!

UPDATE: My Mom-Mom passed away. :( I have another post stating that I believe. Thanks xoxox

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  1. I have BEEN Blogging MORE lately, if you all have not noticed! HAHA- thanks for visiting! I LOVE YOU ALL♥ even the crazy fucking STALKERS, LMFAO!


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