Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I know 10 facts about you............

I know 10 facts about you....
1. You are reading this.
2. You can't say M without touching your lips
3. You just tried it
4. You just smiled or laughed.
6. You are a boy/girl.
7. You didnt realize I skipped 5.
8. You are looking back at 4 and 6.
  9. You are liking this.
                                          10. You are reading me telling you to like this.
                Leave a Comment/Share if you did any of those things ;)


  1. Thanks for your blog.I have a son in the marines who i believe is suffering from Ptsd.I was never in the military so I don't know what he is going through.Any info on Ptsd and how to handle it would be appreciated. s

  2. I feel your pain Bob and it would be no problem for me to put up some post on PTSD and the affects and exactly how to handle it, that would be no problem at all! I will start working on that right away for you!

    Thank you for reading and thanks so much for your suggestion! I just lost my MomMom so Ive been racked w/my brain on just what to blog about! But this would be fantastic, so thank you! And thank you for coming by! ♥


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