Monday, December 6, 2010

One of my google ads. *lol*

One of my google ads, is actually pretty good it's the one that says CAMBIO goes Home w/DEE SNIDER ? AHAHA- not trying make anyone click it or anything but it was, #JustSaying, LOL!

HAHAHA- So WHO all is reading??? And what is going on w/you all ! ♥ Comment below....I would love to hear! :)) And thanks for coming really, I appreciate each and everyone of my 600 something views, *Smiles* ! Have a great day and please comment below, ♥...........


  1. how do u get that reaction box??? i want one!

  2. I HAVE TOLD YOU 1000000000000 TIMES! LMFAO ! Go to DESIGN in top right corner when you are ON YOUR BLOG RIGHT, THEN you click it of course then youll see the LAYOUT AREA of boxes of WHAT THE HELL IS ON YOUR PROFILE check this out click one, O WOW you can DRAG it and move it's position! SECOND look at the right side bottom corner, OMG it says EDIT!!!!!!!!!! YOU CHOOSE YOUR BLOG the one on the LEFT ABOVE YOUR ADSENSE AD that YOU PUT THERE! LMAO! AND it says BLOG LORI that's all then YOULL SEE THE EDIT ON THE RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER PLEASE CLICK IT! A WHOLE TONNNNNNN OF OPTIONS will be there that ARENT CHECKED , CHECK THEM! THE REACTIONS ARE THE BOXES.......NOW DO IT! THIS IS THE LAST TIME IM WRITING INSTRUCTIONS YOU HAVE TO COME BACK AND CHECK MY REPLIES IF YOU WANT THE ANSWER TO A QUESTION LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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