Monday, December 6, 2010

I need a huge favor from any readers or followers......

My ads are STILL not working, can you please CLICK ALL MY GOOGLE ads then leave a comment here, then I will go check my AdSense account and see if theyre registering yet, PLEASE!!! It would be such a BIG HELP!!! & I really need to get them working! Ive been working on this blog ALL WEEK, 24-7! Ive even fallen asleep at the computer editing and trying to fix my ADs! :( Now I NEED the viewers/readers/followers help to make sure it's going through! So PLEASE IT BE SUCH A BIG HELP & THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to those who help me! *Sighs*

ALSO if you look on the right side, I MADE A POLL!!! Please , please, pleasssse  vote on whether you are enjoying my blog or not. Thanks again♥! & Blessed Be!

1 comment:

  1. yep! how do you have those reaction boxes??? i want that too!


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