Monday, December 6, 2010

Bridalplasty Sneak Peek

I would like to take a moment and discuss this NEW show they have on E! I am sorry but I think it is absolutely disgusting! The show promotes INSECURITY and teaches girls (In my opinion) that it's NOT okay to NOT be the perfect polished plastic looking barbie and if you are a regular normal girl the only way you can MAKE your dream wedding come true and please your "Groom" is too get a TON of plastic surgery and then emerge on that day as a completely different looking person! That is only some of the major issues that I have with this show but let's get into the AFTER surgery and AFTER the show is all said and done. Who is to say their fiancee's LIKE their new looks? What if they hate it? What if after ALL these changes you look at yourself in the mirror and don't even recognize the person staring back at you (not to mention how your man will feel) but you then realize every feature you were every born with, everything that MADE you an individual and special within your own self you just BUTCHERED by completing the plastic surgery. Or how about we get into the AGES of these women on this show! They are ALL VERY YOUNG! Who is to say that when they AGE?!?! which they will (we all do! lol) who is to say the surgeries they choose to have as a young woman is going to set properly when your face changes, because never do your ears stop growing as well as your nose and etc. it is ALWAYS changing as you get older (NOT significantly but enough to off set surgery in a big way and make it so you WILL need a touch up or complete new surgery later on in life, which is obvious with the stars because that is when you see them start to change into the waxy looking mannequin cat ladies!

So I guess what all I am trying to say is ALL that this show promotes with ALL the eating disorders girls already have and I thought we JUST got over that "STICK figure" appearance being the perfect girl because SOME of the girls on this show are just THAT but still wanting desperately to get surgery to be more perfect. It's DISGUSTING! I feel E should cancel this show! What do you all think of this new show out? Do you feel it should be canceled, I KNOW I left a ton of my rant out I just didn't want to sound as if I am rambling but I would seriously love to hear your (the readers) thoughts on this. So please leave your thoughts below, & thank you. ♥

& please ALWAYS remember.......
"Everyone has a hero inside just waiting for the right time to shine. "

"Never be someones slogan, because you are poetry"

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