Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Day all .......♥

Good day all! Today just feels like it will be a great day!! It was a bit nippy out but, not as cold as it was the past couple mornings! But, it really is nice driving down 495 seeing the sun-rise every morning! I absolutely love making work deliveries down that way! ♥ It always puts me in such a wonderful mood & my work out after that drive I am always so full of energy! Not to mention IF you are going to work out the BEST time to work out is in the early AM hours because it will boost your metabolism and energy for the day! I don't work out to get big muscles or to get myself really tone/skinny, I primarily work out for health reasons only it builds strong bones/heart & lungs & is also very good for your brain! 

So today I have a ton to do as usual, w/work. But, that is okay I have some good money coming in within the next couple days and Christmas is just around the corner I am stoked! I cant wait to go out and spend at least a grand on each kid! Not just on toys either, would like to do a whole new wardrobe/shoes/sock as well, don't worry I always wrap them in a big box, lol and warn before hand it's the "CLOTHES" box, LOL! Jake LOVESSSSSS getting new clothes as presents though! He always gets so excited and is like "Oh-MY thank you sooo much, IT's BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT, Mommy can I wear it now PLEASSSSE" LMAO! *Adorablezz* It truly is, he is just such a well behaved polite child, it astounds others and his older brother "13" & he thinks it's "Lame" of course. *Lol* 

Well, anywho that's about it fro now! O' I remember I placed another poll on the right side of my blog, this one is much more detailed rather then, "do you just like me blog?!? It is asking on what type of content you would like to read more on my blog, and I truly do want to know your answers and value your opinion to the highest. I will pick the the highest percentage topic and blog maybe 8-11 post a week on that topic then go down to the next and blog 5-6 that week & so on till I am out of topics, lol! x)~ But really to make this blog successful I have too & would like too make my readers happy, so please take the poll on the right hand side, ( Yes, you can play & feed all the fish.turtle, & hamster, lolol! They have many more, Penguins and tons of other really cute gadgets/widget, so if you'd like to grab your own for your site/blog just click on the right click on mine and an address will pop up, it's very simple to remember because you can not click on it and just go :( , you have to copy and paste it into your browser to go but please trust me it is so worth it! Well that's about it! :) 

Downtown Philadelphia at sunrise, 
as seen from Camden, New Jersey,
from across the Delaware River.
I hope everyone has a good morning/afternoon/evening! ♥ & PLEASE say hello, would love to hear from you ALL below!!! 

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