Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bring on the Holidays♥...........

Making Pizzelles!! (Which I LOVE♥)

A TON of Pizzelles!!
Delicious Biscotti  W/Coffee♥

Sugar Cookies♥

MAKING Holiday COOKIE, mmmmmm they're delish♥! What kind do you make during your Holiday get together w/your loved ones or friends? These are just some of what I made this pass week! ♥ I love to cook/bake/fry/grill anything! So share your Holiday cookie choices below, would love to hear.........♥! & Thanks for reading! 

UPDATE: Yikes, I originally posted my cookie pictures from my Twit pic and OBVIOUSLY! :( TwitPIC won't allow me to add my images from there to here! I thought THAT was what it was for? Guess not.. so I will just UPLOAD them right to the blog, x)~ SO HA! LOL! Bet GOOGLE got hungry, *Giggles*, j/king of course.☻..Pictures are back up now, enjoy. ♥ OATMEAL cookies are next (again, I adore them..♥)!!
LMFAO! How could you NOT just adore Cookie Monster♥!


  1. I just posted these on my Twitter in Twitpic, and thought Id share them here thanks to 3 people requesting I talk a lil more abou Cooking/recipe! Hope you 3 enjoy this one! Will NOT give the secret on these........but others I will, don't worry! These are just my own amily recipe♥!

  2. i know we had the pics option off but its good to know that its back up again

  3. Around Christmastime I enjoy eating Danish biscuits and also gingerbread.

    Great that you love to cook and bake!

  4. Mmmmmm yes I love me some Gingerbread Adelaide especially making Gingerbread houses w/the kids, aww it's so fun! We are actually doing THAT this weekend, funny you mentioned gingerbread, *Giggles* !!

  5. O' and about cooking and baking I ADORE It and can MAKE ANYTHING from scratch! I always make from scratch as well hate can foods/jar food and etc. I'd much rather make everything from scrath/home made it's much healtheir and tastier that way! & I get it from my Momma! LOLOLOL! Anywho THANKS for your comments, I LOVE that you follow and comment on my blog. Really thank you♥ a ton! ☻


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