Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Windser N.S. Pumpkin Regatta...Uh,what,WHAT?!?(Some Weird News for ya)☻

Every October in Town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Lake Pesaquid becomes a spectacle with giant decorated pumpkins sailing across its waters. Along with other Pumpkin related contests the Pumpkin Regatta has become a huge hit in the community. Individuals go to great lengths to carve and decorate their vessels.
Pumpkin Regatta Town of Windsor Nova Scotia
Pumpkin Regatta Town of Windsor Nova Scotia

“In the first year of the event, 1999, The Pumpkin Regatta, with an operating budget of $50.00, attracted about 2,000 skeptical spectators who turned out to watch five brave – and no doubt equally skeptical – participants attempt to manoeuvre their hollowed-out giant pumpkins across Lake Pesaquid.
So novel was the idea of racing giant pumpkins that local merchants and local media were quick to get on-side. The 1st Annual Pumpkin Regatta attracted national attention, and Windsor – “The Little Town of Big Firsts” – could now claim another first – Giant Pumpkin Racing!”
The Big Pumpkin Regatta
The Big Pumpkin Regatta
This years race took place on October 12th.

More information on the Big Pumpkin Regatta can be found at The official Town of Windsor Big Pumpkin Website

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