Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World's Largest Skateboard Ramp!!!

The roll-in is 180 feet
The roll-in is 180 feet
For Bob Burnquist and the 75 foot high ramp he built to be the largest skateboard ramp in the world, the sky is the limit. Bob built this mega ramp on his property just East of Oceanside, CA.
“…Speeding down a 180-foot-long roll-in to a ramp that launches them across a 70-foot gap with trapeze netting below. Landing on a 27-foot sloped section, they then boost up to 50 feet above the ground from a 30-foot quarterpipe. A shorter route begins with a 55-foot-tall platform leading to a 50-foot gap, and the 30-foot quarterpipe.”
“That mind-set helps on the Mega Ramp, where skaters reach speeds of up to 55 miles an hour and soar like stuntmen.”

MY SON would LOVE this & his father, they both LOVE to skateboard which was the main reason for me posting this blog. Pretty cool, eh! ☻ Hope you all enjoyed and hope you all check out my polls on the right!! & again THANKS sooo much for visiting!

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