Sunday, December 12, 2010

This you will need a FaceBook to follow the link! BUT, This poor pup named Bo...

HARRISON COUNTY, OH: Bo was a healthy dog, when he was ABANDONED in the parking ...lot of the Harrison County Dog pound where he was free to run. Run he did, and was hit by a vehicle. With a broken leg, he lived in the weeds for weeks, then returned to the parking lot. Admitted to the pound, rather than a hospital, Bo contracted Parvo, not the help he was looking for. Two years after we saved him, the person responsible for dumping him has identified herself, NONE OTHER THAN TINA DEWALT. She confirmed this to me 12/09/10 when we were pulling the dogs. See More here: Appalachian Ohio SPCA, Inc.

Clicking on the picture WILL take you to the FaceBook ALBUM! Where you can find out more about BO, and other animals in need of help! Thanks again for reading and please share this with all you know! The SPCA always needs help with donations as well as the Humane society here are BOTH contact numbers to donate to either or both,again thank you♥! 

Welcome to SPCA International
For the Humane Society CLICK on any of these banners below... Also please feel free to take ANY banner you like they are available w/coding on the website (I've linked the last two images too take you to the coding page. Others take you to their main page!) or if you are already familiar w/HTML just save them from here, and again Thank YOU!!♥ Also remember Humane Society is a 100% NO KILL shelter so the dogs at the SPCA are best ADOPTED out so if ANYONE you know? Or you yourself? Could take one please, they're are not hundreds of animals but thousands that need your help! 


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