Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm a Sucker for.......

I'm a Sucker for Vampires♥!
I know it seems cliche' to type a short blog about this, but I was bored messing w/some pics and saw this one that my husband bought w/the hat that goes with it and thought hey, I am obsessed w/any and all Vampire Chronicles/Books/Sagas whichever you would like to call them! I just always was drawn to vampires/fairies/trolls anything fantasy as a child! I love watching Fantasy flicks as well as just reading them (but nothing beats escaping into your own head, writing your own characters)! ☻

So I would like to ask the readers here, what types of books/movies/flicks are you really into? What really gets your imagination going? I would love to know, comments may be posted below. I anticipate your replies ♥!!



  1. i used to always write stories as a kid. i love fantasy and stuff like that too. im not too into the vampire scene, (my neice loves twilight...) but i did read anne rice books in high school....i want to start writing more

  2. Yeah I am not just talking about Twilight Lori, lol! Twilight is nothing! Anne Rice- The Vampire Chronicles, Dark Shadow's and etc those are the ones you want to read, :))! And I too I would write whole books when I was younger then try to make it look like a real book w/hole punchers ribbon!!! I was always creative like that too, hehe! This is making me miss being a kid!


  3. & I have Twilight shirts but that's not a shirt for twilight it says " I am a SUCKER for Vampire's" LOLOLOL! 8)


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