Sunday, December 12, 2010

The newest celebrity to have not 1 but "8" WAX FIGURES of her done is........

Lady Gaga of course..

Lady Gaga finally has her wax figures. She has eight different wax figures with eight different looks and will be displayed in eight different parts of world in the famous wax museum Madame Tussauds. This was also the most expensive wax figure launch in history.



Hong Kong



New York City

Las Vegas

 I think they do however look amazing, but really did she need 8? *Lol* She is also such a new *star it's shocking (to me at least) that she would have THAT many made for her at one time! However they did come out WONDERFUL as usual, and kinda creepy because they ACTUALLY look like SHE; herself is standing there and that it is NOT WAX, LOL!  & one thing I am sure of her Little Monsters will most definitely be pleased! I can hear their millions of fingers tapping away at the keyboard to get their parents the O' so promised CHEAPEST FLIGHT & Trip w/accommodations info! HA, beautiful world we live in now with the day and age of the internet! Back then it was back packing and Hitch hiking then grounded till your 22! But now it is permitted and approved, just proves how much times have changed.(But HEY, don't get me wrong I am not complaining! #JustSaying as you'd say on Twitter, lol) ☺  

I also find it very cool too see which "Gaga" each different part of the world best! I find it interesting such as Berlin I would have expected Hong Kong would have chosen, lol since it goes w/their culture style.But, anywho what are your thoughts on this & each of her Figures? Do you think they came out nice? Do you think she should have had 8 made all over the world? Does she deserve an acknowledgment like that?  Would love to hear some of your thoughts thanks......

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  1. When Madame Tussard's comes to tour your city, it can be quite marvellous.

    It's great how each Lady Gaga figure says something about the social and cultural context.

    And I like to think I was Monstering before Little Monsters were developed or invented...

  2. HAHAHA, Same here!!! & I would LOVE for Madame Tussard to come too Philly, I've yet to meet her but I sooo want too and if I can't meet her at least see her work up close!

    I love how life like EVERY statue looks, it's just amazing she has such a wonderful talent, it's almost like you can even see a small capture into their souls through the eyes! She's and extremely good artist, no way of ever denying that!

  3. Probably my favourite Lady Gaga waxworks are the ones in London, Shanghai and Hollywood.

    Madame Tussaud is something like Santa Claus: (shhh!) a legend which has become a brand name. There was probably a Tussaud who inspired the museum/tour (Anne Marie Grosholtz being her birth name: her first works were Rousseau and Voltaire and the ever-creepy Chamber of Horrors), ever since it's been artists putting the figures to "life". They are usually anonymous.

    The light in her eyes (and the sort of thing which suggests to people that their soul might be stolen when it's photographed) is a precious thing indeed.

    (Selected waxworks - including Australian singer Kylie Minogue - came to Melbourne in 1997, and make a good excursion palaver).

    Important Dates from the Tussauds Group

    Waxwork by Rachel Weaver from Meanjin, a literary magazine

  4. they are the most realistic wax figures i have seen, i never went to any in person...maybe she has 8 to signify her 8 personalities?

  5. LOL Lori, true ya never know!

    & I agree Adel , also too-
    The light in her eyes (and the sort of thing which suggests to people that their soul might be stolen when it's photographed) is a precious thing indeed.

    I know isnt that the craziest but coolest thing ever! I truly think it does make it appear to be a soul but to STEAL it, I think not, lol! Superstitious people were back then BUT I DO think you can find truth in ALLOT of old superstitions and stories but they're never exact.


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