Sunday, December 5, 2010

Found this video and thought I would share....

Interesting isn't it! What do you think this is? Just basic imagery? Or maybe it's just like staring at the clouds and seeing Godzilla in the sky? Who knows........but it sure does have the conspiracy theorist believing it. *Smiles* The most interesting part of this video though is the very end...those lights...hmmm?!?! I wonder if anything was ever reported about that, I don't remember hearing anything! ?!?


  1. those lights are real i believe. they had them in memorance....i am not sure what those flashing lights was. it is like angels. there are so many things about 911 being an inside job. watch loose change. it shows

  2. O' yes I know Ive seen all of that! I was just talking about the start of the video with demons in the smoke? Ive never seen that! And the LIGHTS I do believe were Angels no doubt!!! Or the souls that perished thanking the people for caring so much!♥ Maybe.......ya never do really know though do ya, lol! :)))

    But the smoke was wicked.........wasnt it!


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