Saturday, December 4, 2010

Okay, sooo ☺

I decided to do a little more editing and also copyrighted my blog here as well as licensed it. Gotta keep it real and MANY love to steal your content and now that I am back in the swing of things here and ready to start bloggin more about personal things an interest this blog should start picking up pretty fast! Apparently it is allot like riding a bike, once you try it again it just comes back to you naturally! Especially the html coding which at first I was hesitant but truthfully I would rather write ALL my own even when using others banners so NOTHING is EVER EMBEDDED into my site, or where an image setting will be off and set off your whole layout, or how about when you go to click ANYTHING else it only ever directs you away from my page and onto THANK YOU. I got this. *Giggles* Well, that is all I wanted to say for now...still waiting to hear on my hubz, he had a seizure while driving, the police found him took him to a hospital ions away and I won't be able to get him transferred closer to home or HOME until possibly EARLY AM hours this morning or regular morning-afternoonish hours, the sooner the better the man can't stand to be apart from me so I am doing my very best. I just feel so bad because today was the day (well yesterday was now-but) I was gonna take him to get HIS NEW VAN, ;( ! We were all so excited but that's okay I only have to postpone that until Monday. Well that's about it, don't wanna start rambling and I have a few other things Id like to take care of! Take care, Thank you for reading and please leave comments♥! 


  1. how is your husband doing? when are you getting the van? i did not get that car because it had a salvage car which means i will have trouble with that.

  2. Damn yeah that was hot my old work truck was the one I JUST SOLD two three months ago! Im getting it next week he is real sick now ! DOING BETTER THOUGH Thanks for asking!♥


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