Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spread The Heart - Shenae Grimes creates awareness for Japan Quake Survivors & Victims! Read more about it below,

I was watching Chelsea Lately tonight and this beautiful woman named Shenae Grimes spoke of her experience she had while over in Japan and the day before she was scheduled to fly back to the states the Earthquake that devastated Japan & the world hits.

So after being through this terribly terrifying experience and watching the pain 1st hand Shenae Grimes decided to bring Awareness to Japan and have people donate to help all by starting a campaign called, "Spread the Heart".

They draw hearts on their faces to represent their love for Japan.  Every day in Tokyo, Nikki and Shenae drew them on for fun, and after their experience, they decided to bring them back to LA & spread the love.
Shenae & Nikki ♥

Every time someone asks them about it, which you can bet most do! They get the chance to share the love and concern for the devastated country and remind them to do the same.  The Japanese culture is unique and inspiring; no other country could handle their dire situation as calmly and unified as they have.

Right now, we ALL must try to emulate these brave people! Please help Spread the Love and wear your heart on your cheek! #SpreadTheHeart

And to everyone out there whose hearts & prayers go out to the people of Japan like theirs(& mine) do, then please watch this video and help Nikki and Shenae start the movement & Spread The Heart.

Please send this video to ALL your friends on Facebook & Twitter (& any other sites you own where your voice is heard by many) & don’t forget to follow me (@shenaesg) and Nikki (@nikkipennie) on Twitter and use hashtag #SpreadTheHeart to show your support!

Please give whatever you can. The people of Japan are still in desperate need and EVERY dollar helps. Donate HERE.☺

& click the picture to the left to read the very 
1st post on how ALL this was started. ♥
 & remember #SpreadTheLove & PLEASE Share. Thanks. XoxoxoX


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