Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen has a Tombstone placed on his Hollywood Square w/the words, "Cheat Death" on it!

TMZ Reports this VERY odd article tonight! These things rarely come up while I am up late and can not sleep but just happened tonight it did! Ha, read the hilarity below and then click the Picture to follow the story on their site ( if you wish ) -- or you could join in the discussion in the comments over there, they always have tons! ☻Anywho, here it is below.......

Charlie Sheen can't be killed ... and as a testament to his immortality, somebody put a 400-pound tombstone next to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Friday morning which read ... "Cheat Death."
Ironically, the tombstone didn't survive too long ... it was removed from the street a short time later.  

 I have also found out from a VERY good source who happens to be a Paparazzi out in Hollywood & he stated to me that not only was the Tombstone removed but it was SMASHED to a millions of pieces!! (*Could've been donated at least! #JustSaying)

Also really, how Bizarre and ODD is this. 

-HA, I would say VERY! & as if NO ONE saw or heard someone SLAMMING this 200lb. Tombstone into the Hollywood Star Sidewalk. Sometimes it seems as if these stories are just completely that, STORIES! Lol, just way too bizarre and you'd think MORE witnesses would have seen it. But, who knows! Feel free to share your comments below, if not.....then don't!

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