Thursday, December 2, 2010

Working on my design......Update: Design/Blog is finished....for now.....♥

It actually is NOT as bad as I 
thought it would be!
*The editing I am referring too!
:)) Anywho that is all now
I am back to work!!!

UPDATE: My BLOG is now updated!!  
Please let me know below what you think
& Thank you. 

I am using their options (pictures for background)  for now but so far it will do, I didn't feel like searching thru my tons and tons of pictures right now it's pretty late and I was working on this earlier but then fell asleep, so had to jump back on and finish please LEAVE me suggestions/thoughts below & again thank you♥!



  1. Congrats Sammi! Love the site! X0X0

    From your twit bud @kikib078 :)

  2. Aww, thank you BOTH!! I appreciate it, ♥ and worked sooo hard on it, lol!! Thanks for the comments {{Hugs}}!!


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