Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been quiet. Past couple days I have had the worse sulfuric burps and stomach pain imaginable! Almost thought I was gonna have to make a trip to the ER but managed to soothe it w/something you'd never guess and I'd never imagine that would was, RAISIN BREAD! Odd, -huh. Anywho, will be making an appointment anyway first thing Monday morning, I apologize for not posting, I just really couldn't bring myself to it. Hope you understand also HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone and your loved ones and their loved ones and so on, hope you all have a blessed one.♥ 

Also P.S.  I WILL be writing a blog ABOUT ME so my readers who requested in the poll on the right to see more content on ME and my life and realizing I do NOT have much of anything up describing really who I am except the links to my social sites, which do explain allot. But I will be happy to write a post up telling the story on who I am, shouldn't be too hard. Ive been studying myself for 30yrs, so stay tuned. *Giggles*  & really thank you for visiting and reading♥㋡!


  1. hey! keep on blogging. i am so tired now from school and work i hardly have time to blog or hang out on the internet...yawn

  2. I know, I was also and have been prepping for Christmas the past couple days, remember I have kids! HA, I am debating this POP out window comment deal! I think it may restrict our comments? People don't want to take the time? Maybe it views as a pop up on some computers? Not sure....doesn't on mine and I never had to validate it so I hope not! BUT did you notice MYSPACE disables ANY LINK you try to post from here there, like ANYTHING you hit share it refuses to allow it too.

    I really dis-like the NEW THEIR/MY SPACE! SUCKS!


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