Monday, December 20, 2010

1 Year Old With Baby in her STOMACH! – No Really!!

Girl, 1, has a baby in stomach!
Doctors discovered a fetus inside Kang Mengru's (left) stomach, which they believed to be Mengru's parasitic twin. --
BEIJING - CHINESE doctors were shocked when they discovered a one-year-old girl was carrying a baby in her stomach.According to media outlets on Wednesday, Kang Mengru, 1, worried her parents and doctors after her belly became grossly enlarged.After a CT scan was done, the doctors were amazed to discover a fetus inside the little girl's stomach.The fetus is believed to be Mengru's parasitic twin, the result of one twin embryo not fully separating from the other.Mengru has been hospitalized and is waiting for an operation to have the fetus removed! This was first reported from

How CRAZY is this!!! Share your thoughts below!!!

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