Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I now have...

Google Translator on my blog, IF for some reason you do not see your language and you wish to read my blog without having to go through your own translator. Then PLEASE let me know and I will go try to see if I can add it, I saw something that said you could add to you own, I am sure they will allow me to update and add to the Gadget/Widget ♥! Anywho, thanks to ALL who have been reading my blog & A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the sites out there RIGHT NOW REFERRING People TO MY BLOG! I gasped with shock when I saw SO MANY referring me, considering I've been blogging 1 week only really, *Giggles* But it is QUITE okay, and soon I am going to be making a list of those FAITHFUL bloggers blogs/pages who constantly link me/refer traffic to me here (or any of my other blogs.) & those faithful bloggers you'll find in my blog roll but considering my blog is only 1 week my blog roll is not nearly ready to be posted considering I have to base which ones deserve which position and what not. Anywho that's all don't wanna start to ramble which I am VERY GOOD at, lol! Hope everyone's enjoying my blog and really if anyone has any suggestions at all, PLEASE post them and I will get right to them! I also have the QUESTION Widget too on the RIGHT so please take advantage of that as well. Especially if YOU have questions about me! It's a perfect way to get a QUICK answer! & AGAIN THANKS SOO MUCH FOR READING!!! & Blessed be to all. ♥

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