Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please everyone Vote♥ for Jaxon - he is definitely adorable enough to be the next 'Gerber Baby' * he has 1 great dad who would be so proud!! So please vote today & thanks in advance!

Joseph Anthony <- Jaxon's Daddy
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I just voted for this adorable face in the 2011 Gerber Generation Photo Search and you should too! You can come back every day and vote again! 

So thank you all for your votes for my friends adorable son!! He seriously is one of the most stand up father's I have seen in a LONG time! He raised this little boy since birth and is now supporting the child's mother by helping her build a loving and healthy relationship w/Jaxon as well. They truly just don't make men like Joe anymore so if anyone deserves my vote, it be Joey & his son Jaxon! So really thank you all so more for those who vote and feel free to share or upload your own baby pictures (after reading the rules of course....) then if you link me I will vote for your child as well! Anywho good luck all and again THANKS a bunch! {{Big Hugs}}!

& GOOD LUCK JAXON!!!! And even IF you don't succeed in votes always know your a WINNER to everyone around you! xoxoxox♥  ~Sammi

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