Saturday, May 7, 2011

W/All the controversy over Bristol Palin's face & whether or not she has just lost weight OR had plastic surgery I've done my own research & well CLICK Below, ... ♥ UPDATED: Bristol ADMITS to having surgery!

 Well at first I wasn't going to give this much thought nor did ANY of the pictures ANY of the post that spoke on this have a DECENT picture! Mostly it looked as if she just lost some weight and her face was a bit more defined & just maybe the stress of being a Teen Mom *Rolls Eyes* (That was clearly sarcasm, lmbo! BUT, no I did my OWN research and got my hands on some UNTOUCHED nor were they watermarked pictures, meaning they have 0 copyright and are free share, well were. Lol,

BUT......Seriously LOOK at the picture of Bristol on the left, & I did choose a much nicer one! They're so MANY way worse photos of her, all you have to do to see them is just GOOGLE her name and a TON pop up! x)~ Especially now w/the controversy!
But Seriously BACK to the point LOOK at those pictures the picture on the LEFT is NOT the same as the girl on the right! She TOTALLY TOOK AWAY ALL her natural features WHICH MADE HER who she was! She'll no longer have people wonder if she's twins w/her younger sister (because they definitely are Irish Twins though that's for sure, lol!) but yeah, I have NO doubt that she has had work done to her face which is so so very sad because she's a TEENAGER even up to 30 women still are developing and changing and most grow more and more beautiful thru the years! :)

IF she JUST would have waited!!!! Her face would have developed and face it I do NOT like her but SHE IS NOT AN UGLY girl, neither is her mother, honestly. But she would have grown in to a NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL woman if she just would've LEFT HER FACE ALONE! :( BUTCHERING your face at any age younger then 40 in my opinion you're making the BIGGEST MISTAKES OF YOUR LIFE!!!! You have NO WRINKLES and peoples FLAWS are what make you beautiful!!

People seriously NEED to wake up and REALLY REALIZE not just say it!!! BUT TRULY BELIEVE IN IT that BEAUTY is INSIDE NOT on the OUTSIDE! If you're the most beautiful and kindest person on the inside it WILL SHINE through you and it WILL show!! BUT, if you're incredibly ugly and self-centered then it WILL show and PEOPLE will find you an UGLY human being! So be WISE and always remember....


Bristol has now admitted to having Corrective Jaw Surgery! 
Which other sources, friends of hers and Professionals say she had it done soley 
for looks NOT to correct her TEETH (they were fine!) Lol, she also has been CALLED out for having ALLOT more done by Professionals pointing it out! :) 

SO YES she did have surgery & that is just SAD!!!!!!! :( 
What an example this will be for ALL young girls! 
How many more times is she gonna prove how she is a BAD role model for teens!
And NOW she has a Reality show in which sounds TERRIBLE! Just google it, it's everywhere. Or take my word on it! It's not even worth linking. Period. 
Sad. Sad. Sad.

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