Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UPDATE: Parents FOUND & Boy Identified! Mom WAS ARRESTED! :Mystery Child Found Dead: Will You Help Find His Parents? You have to read & SHARE this article PLEASE!

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The story of an unidentified child found dead on a rural road in Maine is almost too heartbreaking to bear. The mystery boy's body was discovered on Saturday in South Berwick, and no one has come forward to claim him. I confess it's the first time I have actually read a story and hoped something horrible befell a child's parents, because otherwise, how does one reconcile the fact that no one is looking for him? That this 4- to 6-year-old with the Lightning McQueen sneakers had been abandoned by the people supposed to love him?
But there's a ton of cliches out there about the goodness of man coming to light in the darkness of tragedy for a reason. Because as Maine police struggle to identify this child, the Internet is coming out to help them. The story is still heartbreaking, but we need to set aside the finger pointing and the desire to hide under the covers with our own kids and not come out. First, he needs our help!!!

So PLEASE this is how you can HELP!!!!!! YOU share this article, my post- EITHER with ALL & EVERYONE you know EVERYWHERE YOU CAN! PLEASE, SOMEONE HAS TO RECOGNIZE THIS CHILD!!!!!! ::( Bless his little soul.

Child Found In Maine Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes. 


A young boy found dead on a remote Maine road has reportedly been identified as Camden Pierce Hughes, a 6-year-old from Texas.

Juli Mccrery, the child's mother, confessed to Massachusetts State Police that she administered an overdose of medication that killed her son, WBZ-TV reports.
Calls to the Massachusetts State Police were not immediately returned.
After the boy's body was discovered along a rural road in South Berwick, investigators released a computer-generated image of the child and were swamped with hundreds of tips about the boy's possible identity.
Authorities focused their attention on witnesses who said they saw a woman driving a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck near the location where the child was discovered.
According to the station, a Massachusetts state trooper who was aware of the lead pulled over a vehicle that matched the description at an I-495 rest stop in Chelmsford, Mass., on Wednesday morning. The motorist, identified as the victim's mother, reportedly made statements about the boy's death and was taken into protective custody.

Mccrery's ex-boyfriend, Robert Miller, who called himself as "the only dad [Hughes] ever knew," described the child as "a very nice boy ... an innocent boy" who was in the "gifted and talented class in kindergarten."
"All I know is that he's dead and she's in jail," Miller told WBZ-TV. "I don't know why she was even up there."

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