Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just a quick note! ☺

Hello faithful readers/followers/friends/Tweet-hearts♥/Fbookers/Network Bloggers & yes even to the Stalkers, Lol!!! :)) I am unsure if any of you have noticed... BUT, in case you haven't!!! I am writing this to let you know!

I have turned the commenting back into the easier format! In which where you do not or will not have your pop up blockers block it when you hit POST comment anymore or will you have to approve my page anymore for the access just to redirect you to a pop out page to leave a comment!! YAY!!!

Now when you're reading a Post you will be able to load the post completely... and then comment on that same page! But, sorry captcha is still staying, Lol! 

Thanks for visiting. :)) I appreciate ALL my traffic here & if any have any suggestions/questions feel free to leave them at anytime anywhere on the blog or HEY even in this post.... & Thanks again! 

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