Thursday, April 28, 2011

Justin Bieber has a GIRLFRIEND??!!?? UhOh Girls everywhere will be going haywire! Lol, Meet Justin Bieber's Girlfriend below♥,

Ahahaha, No Really! All jokes aside, Justin Bieber doesn't actually have a girlfriend -- at least not that we know of -- but 14-year-old Michaela Wallace is going to try to sing her way into his heart.

The young singer released her debut single, "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend," via YouTube and iTunes on Friday, and has already stacked up around 300,000 hits. With the Biebs in the song title and a frighteningly catchy chorus, we're sure it won't stop there.

The chorus, which goes "Gonna be Justin Bieber's girlfriend tonight," isn't exactly literal, but it's sure to rile a few feathers with the notoriously jealous Bieber Fever crowd.

Sadly, the song comes a bit too late, since "South Park" killed Bieber off in its last episode. If only she released the song a little sooner...

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  1. I should UPDATE this because it is KNOW known world wide Justin Beiber IS Dating Selena Gomez !


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