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13 Houses Made Of Unusual Materials! (GO GREEN Houses!)

13 Houses Made Of Unusual Materials!

(GO GREEN Houses!)

A “NORMAL” person would use bricks, cement, paint etc. to build his house but, exceptions are always there. I saw on a TV show about a little town in Arizona where people build their house using stuffs like tires, newspapers etc. which are sufficient for their needs. Knowing this stuff would make you wonder about the other types of material people are willing to use. Check this amazing recycled houses.

Shipping Container House

recycled houses

This stunning home is almost like a piece of art that you can live in. Constructed using  recycled shipping containers, the container home has all of the modern conveniences of a traditionally built home but with a unique element of style as well. A modern kitchen, huge wide-open floor plan, and gigantic windows that bring in tons of natural lighting are just a few of the great features of this home, construction costs were relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional construction.

Airplane House

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What could be better than an amazing house made out of an airplane? A cheap one. The plane itself cost just $2000, though moving it cost $4000 and renovating it for habitation took another $24000 – but that’s still just $30000 for a truly amazing and unique home. The original airplane fold-down stairs were kept and are operated by a garage door opener and one of the original airplane restrooms still works as it always did. And the cockpit suspended over the lake below? Her own personal jacuzzi of course. 

The Key-Card Hotel

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There is a hotel in New York named Key Card hotel which built out of 200,000 card keys. Everything in this hotel, be it bed, floor, wall even toilet seat is made out of cards. This hotel is made by the world record holder in card house building, Bryan Berg. This make me think, if they provide any visiting cards of their hotel.

Small Cruiser House

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The Benson Ford is a beautiful ship now owned by Bryan Kasper. Having dutifully served on the Great Lakes for 50 years, the ship can now be found towering on a cliff on South Bass Island in Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay, OH. Originally, Henry Ford had it built as his own cruise ship and named it after his grandson. Then in 1986, after it had been stripped of its engine, Frank J. Sullivan bought the luxurious vessel from a salvage company, brought it to the island, and transformed it into a lakeshore residence for his family.

The House Made From Plastic Bottles

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American consumes about 70 million bottles everyday and it also common in other parts of world. There is even an movement against it and these bottle usually end up in landfills, but
a family in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina took notice to it and figured out how can they help to solve this problem and so he constructed a house by using plastic bottles.
Hoping friends and neighbors will see their home as a commitment to caring for the planet, the Santa Cruz family built their home’s entire structure and all of furnishings  within from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, Tetra Pak boxboard and other recycled goods. As if this project wasn’t quite daunting enough, homeowner (and builder) Alfredo Santa Cruz also designed a smaller playhouse version of the bottle home for his young daughter.

Garbage House

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A house made up of garbage. Whether you use a lot of garbage to build a complete house or use material to patch up an old house, you have to admit that it is the original use of recyclable materials and the cost required is zero, all you need is some time and you don’t even need to clean it, since no one will really notice that your house is dirty. On a side note, before you try to attempt something like that, it would be better if talk with your neighbors. No use in spending time to do if you can’t comply with local laws.Beer Can House
recycled houses

Yeah! Now we’re talking. This house is made up of 39,000 beers can and was built by John Milkovisch in 1968 at Houston, Texas and the best part is that it smells like beer and is open to public with regular weekend hours. This is class; I am even ready to pay to get a house like this for myself.

The Newspaper House

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Sumer Erek says that, newspapers are hard if you roll them and they can be used to make a house, so she decided to build a house with newspapers
The House was first created in London’s Gillett Square in March 2008, transforming over 85,000 used newspapers into a thought provoking artwork, attracting a wide range of people and press coverage internationally. It now counts over 100,000 newspapers.

Door House

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This picture was taken near Elberton, Georgia and is not just a simple house, it is one created from used doors only. Flood, windows, walls, everything is made up of doors. This was just a quick example of creative people are, and some of them keep to amaze us everyday.

Scrap House

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This house was created by a team of architects, engineers, contractors from San Francisco to celebrate World Environment Day in 2005 using scraps. Noble cause, isn’t it?

House Made Of Ship

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Some people love boats so much that they will even build their homes in the shape of them. These two examples can be found on 3rd Street in Encinitas, CA. The S.S. Encinitas and S.S Moon Light have never touche water (apart from rainwater), as they are neither boathouses nor houseboats — just stunning boat replicas. But that’s not to say that these two houses are not recycled. Their creator, Miles Minor Kellogg, was a versatile builder in the 1920s and ’30s who loved taking scrap material and using it for new structures. The wood making up this unique structure was taken from an old bathhouse at Moonlight Beach in 1925. Because of its low ceiling, the wood wasn’t fit for a regular house but worked splendidly for these two boathouses, completed in 1928.

Car Ferry House

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Mary Breuer, live aboard the Maritol, a decommissioned Icelandic car ferry docked at Pier 54 in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.
Ms. Breuer her husband started looking for industrial buildings to buy years ago. But despite the vacancies created by the dot-com crash, they could not find a suitable building. “I’d seen tugboats that had been converted,” Mr. Lundberg said, “so I thought, ‘What about a small ship?’ ”
She found the Maritol, which was built in 1975, listed for $260,000 on a Web site which deals in used and repossessed ships. They flew to Iceland to buy it and hired five of the ship’s crew members to deliver it through the Panama Canal to San Francisco, a seven-week trip. They spent another $600,000 repainting the exterior, rebuilding the engine, converting the electrical system to United States standards and other alterations required to make the ship habitable.

Wooden Pallets House

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The Manifesto House by Infiniski utilizes pre-made materials like shipping containers and wooden pallets to create an uber cool modern house. Built in Curacavi, the modest home is composed of two 40′ shipping containers and two 20′ containers. Cheap and quick to construct, this plan uses sustainable materials while incorporating renewable energy systems.

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