Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To the person who said Nope, needs more content.

It really doesn't make sense that you would hit THAT and then not right below it (in the TONS of other content on the blog) you find ANOTHER poll asking WHAT TYPE of CONTENT would you most like to see here? Nope, NO answer there for you, so it was quite obvious all you wanted to do was hit NO, so be a HATER, my blog is FILLED w/content if I blogged ANYMORE DAILY I'd scare my dang readers off. *LOL* So pfffffffft. next time use THE CONTENT available PLEASE and VOTE on what YOU would like to see.

O' & ALSO PLEASE ALL keep in mind THIS BLOG IS A WEEK OLD!! That is how long I started to REALLY put REAL POST on it and started blogging seriously, so please it's NEW and HAS TONS of content on here, that is another reason WHY I put a poll up ASKING to please tell me WHAT YOU LIKE TO READ/SEE so I know what to post, *SIGHS* & if you EVER HAVE SUGGESTIONS/Questions or dislikes please just post them, so then maybe I can address them!!! Plus I'd LOVE to hear!!

& to all other readers sorry but, it just didnt make sense, lol! To just hate w/a blatant nope -then nothing else. It wouldn't be bad if the person would then have answered my poll ASKING what content they'd like to see posted because clearly it's a new blog but they didn't take advantage of that so that is telling me that THEY had OTHER motives when JUDGING my blog. Sooooo that is all as we say on twitter #JustSaying, LOL! ☻ Now I'm getting back to the REAL BLOGS. I have some fun ones coming up.....♥


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