Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take Action for Vietnam Vets & everyone knows MY DADDY was one, may he RIP!♥
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Today is Veterans Day - a day to honor those who have bravely sacrificed so much for our country.

Top of mind are those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade. But often forgotten are those veterans who made it home from the Vietnam War 35 years ago.
Upon return, Vietnam veterans encountered no cheering crowds, no speeches, and no parades. Those who sacrificed so much in a brutal war zone not of their choosing were instead spit upon, and bore the brunt of a divided nation.
Veterans Day is our chance to remember and honor the sacrifices of all soldiers, regardless of how we feel about the wars themselves.
That's why we're supporting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and asking members to remember and honor those warriors who served during the Vietnam War and finally tell them "Welcome home."
During the long conflict in Vietnam, three million Americans served and 58,193 died. More than 150,000 were wounded and at least 21,000 were permanently disabled.
We must never forget these soldiers, who did everything their country asked of them despite the bitter controversy about the war back home.
Today, on Veteran's Day, give Vietnam veterans the "welcome home" they never received.
The number of surviving Vietnam veterans is becoming fewer each year. With every generation, the memories and lessons of Vietnam fade. It's important we take every opportunity to reach out to those still with us today and tell them we honor their sacrifice.
Thank you for lending your voice,
The Team

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